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  • What mp servers are online right now? Any plans on a server selection list? I love playing this game with other people but when trying to connect to it tells me engine version mismatch.
  • is down atm and it's been down for a while, what server can we go to play mp for the time being while its offline? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • i was simply stating things that could be done, i dont expect any or most of them to get into the actual game. Things like getting food poisoning from eating uncooked food or movespeed debuffs from fall damage and bandages being in the game could be…
  • While on the subject of debuffs and stuff why not go full hardcore with everything. When you take fall damage you end up breaking a bone in your leg, causing you to limp until you craft a splint out of 2 wood handles and 1 linen cloth thingy. The pe…
  • O.o oh god... LOL, on another note how do i make the skull stick, stick in the ground (or my wall for that matter) Also come check out my house if u can im on the server right now :D then i could ask u guys directly in real time.
  • How does one progress to a teen? I've been on this server for like 5 days now, just curious. If its about the amount of time spent in game i've got maybe 5 hours or so, if its about amount of stuff done, i've got all the work stations, a house, a fa…
  • oh hey guys another question here, i just made a linen tunic for my dude so hes not almost naked anymore but Im unable to equip it, are you guys working on a fix for next patch that'll allow me to equip the linen tunic? Also wondering when the next …
  • Bump for minimap of any kind.
  • I have another question if thats ok. I keep seeing these tiny seed type looking creatures (im assuming they are the tamable pets called podlings) and I'm wondering how to tame them since the wiki page is completely devoid of anything relating to tam…