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  • True, we haven't had any lore at all for a while now...
  • All of us who have access to the v1 will have access to it once the non-closed alpha version is released, I presume. So far the closed alpha hasn't been released yet as far as I know, tho, so... let's be patient.
  • That looks like just what we need, altrough the idea of making an acount for this is discouraging.
  • Since this page won't let me put it all in one post, I guess I'll split it around a bit. And just let me say I love the knobkerry.
  • About time I give my share of my screenshots.
  • Seeing some old discussions can be welcome, specially if they can still be interesting to talk about, so go ahead!
  • Procedurally generated stories has so much potential of creating hilariously nonsensical tales. Not exactly sure on this idea myself, except maybe for the hieroglyphics in, say, ruin walls.
  • Quite the interesting read. Explains why I am bothered when Steam suggests me survival sandbox games and such because I have, like, two of them. I have a few of those because I am interested into those, not the genre.
  • Gotta love how you specify that the Slider's names are inpronounceable.
  • [snip] I'm sorry, but we do not allow any statement in the forums that speaks against our inconditional love for TUG, no matter what the mods might say. If you truly loved TUG you'd force yourself to accept the fact that Elf is perhaps the only …
  • With the time that happened since I got started with this TUG community I swear I went thru my whole second half of my Teenager Transformations. I am more mature now, I promise. Haffat mazz'el (good luck) and all of that with the draft anyway.
  • Altrough maybe there could be few specific areas meant to not be travel-friendly unless you obtain the methods to actually travel thru (parkour skills, mobility spells, mounts capable of going through), or if a traversable path is built. It'll be a…
  • Good, good. For now, for the TUG v2 part, they have something to show, namely, the art stuff in here: Hope we get more help with this from other people.
  • Hey, that's a great idea. I say go for it, an all-the-progress-information-and-news-so-far compilation would be quite convenient when it comes to proving that this game is still going somewhere.
  • Never seen myself the Steam forums, but I guess it's the important place to put the news, it's where the people outside of our forum's circle are, right?
  • I'm all eager for getting to look at any nicely-looking pictures with the idea that TUG is going to be that. And yes, the front page is still in need of a rework, hope they can afford to work on that soon. It's a bit too much of a first impression …
  • [snip] I'm sorry, but we do not allow any statement in the forums that speaks against our inconditional love for TUG, no matter what the mods might say.
  • I guess this is the strike/blunt/impact/crush damage variant of the slash/cut/hack damaging vine claws of yours.
  • Banned for self-punishment.
  • Re Evolution is a very good reminder of why do we not consider ourselves as an organization as "good".
  • Given that this thread is titled "The Future of TUG" and I do not want to pollute the forum with a similarly titled thread, I would like to use this one to ask a few questions. The first is: Is there an estimated time of completion for the release o…
  • This actually seems quite adequate. Just make the title of each detail bold and it's all set when it comes to the aesthetical factor. As you know, there'll be many blanks that most cannot fill yet due to the lack of any actual relationship with any…
  • For now, we'll need a complete template of the format, of which I am afraid that I'll leave it up to you for the most part. I can also confirm that Ars Arcanus can be added into the list. I am rather regular here, so, as a member of the council, I …
  • Well, I am not going to check much beyond Ars Arcanus, but it's good to know that we are as much of a thing as ever. We've pretty much become the biggest organization in the community, actually.
  • The organization list is going to be remade anew. For this I'd appreciate if you were to confirm that Ars Arcanus is indeed still a thing, so that it may have it's own entry in said list.
  • On an unrelated note, I am afraid you'll have to start the list back up from scrach; a lot of time has passed from since when most of these organizations had been started, and with time, people's ideas can change a lot (what I said about myself in t…
  • For now, I think that merely using the same format but with fine-tuning can suffice. In my own way of thinking, I'd say making it something like this, taking the entry on my current primary organization for the example: Ars Arcanus Leader: Council_…
  • Banned for reviving it.