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  • To be clear, I wasn't talking about transferring character data but rather what system(s) TUG was using to modify game play based on how players behave in the game.
  • Awesome. Wish I could draw...
  • All great ideas, and I definately believe the idea of making people explore and nurture new relationships is vital to a satifying game in the long run. Unfortunatly I think the majority of players, who are likley still in highschool, are already byp…
  • Interesting idea. I definitely think they should have boats for personal travel as well as larger ships that require multiple players to control, assuming the idea there are going to be oceans and lakes. However I thought the idea of floating island…
  • I think moding is fine, as long as it is only allowed on the server side. There should never be a client side mod / hack, ever. This way every one logging into a world sees the same world with the same advantages and disadvantages.
  • I'll be honest, I've never tried it... I'm just making assumptions. I wouldn't guess it's the best option. personally I would rather have a nice light piece of clothing in the desert as long as it was dense enough to keep out the sun.
  • I like the idea of having your vision and possibly physical characteristics effected by where you chose to live. Having to plan to be out in the daylight as some one who normally lives in the dark could be great fun. Or on the positive side, as some…
  • First, I'm not talking about tracking personal information such as real names etc, although I do think it would be a great idea if a users access key was used as a serial number to identify a user on a server / any server. I could care less about ch…
  • I would just like to add that its the social science side of this project that makes TUG what it is. Without the ability to gather information on player interaction and use it in a meaningful way to make the game play better we are left with just an…
  • I'm not sure it would be necessary for server operators to know specific personal info. Especialy if there is a TUG standard way of dealing with bad players pre installed in the code. I do think it would be great to have the ability to use the same …