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  • There hasn't been an official update in about a year, I think. I wouldn't get your hopes up. There may still be active accounts out there, but I don't think anything is actually happening with the game anymore. If there is, they're not letting anyon…
    in TUG V.2.0 Comment by PacMan March 30
  • Since this post seemed to drum up some activity recently.. and I haven't checked on TUG in about a year.. I suppose I'm happy to see that things are still brewing. I had, in fact, put TUG down as a failed investment, having assumed nothing was reall…
  • Streaming: Yes, there isn't much of a NDA for this game. They want the publicity out there. World size: I can't tell you exactly, since I don't know their precise measurements, but I have yet to have the patience to find the end of any of the wor…
  • I believe a Gourd, Vines and a Stick make a torch. Also, larger rocks drop a blade. Stick, Blade and Vines will make a sword.
  • From what I gathered on the Update, the new patch will drop in a couple of days, so it'll be before Christmas. I imagine they did some testing with it so far, but will drop it onto us and let us find some new bugs. Then possibly a shiny layer for an…
  • Centaurs (Forest biomes)
  • I don't think the low FPS has anything to do with the computers we're running it on. I get at best 10-11 FPS now, and I have a high end machine. This is, I'm assuming, just a crude patch to display the latest things. It'll get refined and reworked u…
  • Woops! Thought I did! Sorry!
  • No worries, Arkneos. Such an early Alpha is sure to have problems. I run on an 8-core @4ghz, with a ton of ram and a big ol video card, and the best I can get right now is 25fps. I'm sure they'll figure it all out for us. :D I jumped in and creat…
  • Could be a Yoda like language. I also had a thought that the different instances of the Font could be from different sources, and thus slightly different dialects. This may have been mentioned already, but I didn't have time to read through everythi…
    in TUG runes Comment by PacMan October 2013
  • Youngy798 wrote: This is not really related to the bug, but does the mountain go all the way around the valley? I have always wanted to build a City inside of a huge valley, Minecraft doesn't really allow this. If you can.. TUG TAKE MY MONEY! …
  • screightca wrote: Awesome. Wish I could draw... I cannot draw either, but I managed it. You have to try!
  • So I did some more reading, and downloaded that program and gave my own mug a go at it. Here's what I ended up with: Now, that's not what I envision of my Seed, but it was good practice. Look, I did art!
  • Build !wanna I I never did get things perfectly right...
  • My artistry skills are pretty bad. I mean, I could fabricate my avatar out of steel and paint, but.. there is my attempt. I was attempting to make a sort of 'Looking at the stars' angle, and with a tattoo-like imprint of Pac Man eating the eye. Look…
  • Unfortunately, this game is dependent on full DX11, not just simulated DX11. You'll have to acquire a DX11 compatible card in order to play.