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  • Isn't it normal for people doing a Master's to seek ethical approval, inform test subjects of what data is collected and how it will be used, etc.? Wouldn't want to be associated with anything ... unprofessional ... would we? Little late to the g…
  • little hopping mice that howl at the moon, well technically not at the moon but to declare territory like the scorpion mouse, aka grasshopper mouse
  • @Rotsuoy Is the Moosephant a wangdoodle or hornsnoggler? Maybe Horned Snoggler to get by copywrite...thinking Willy Wonka and what hunted the Oompas but my memory might be a bit off anyway good art I wonder if the squirbats have rabies or some ener…
  • Durian? they are spikey, they stink, and are not worth eating but people do hehe! Obviously when the last asteroid hit some durian seeds got flung into orbit and eventually seeded the planet
  • Thoughts: Cube fruit that won't roll down hills Caltrop Fruit that hurts you if you walk over it or try to pick it up unless you whack it with an ax first. Toxic fruit that is poisonous unless you cook it over a firepit first
  • server down at 08:00 Central wow, still down almost 5 hours later. Must be a bit more complicated than usual
  • neuria wings, crafted
  • Edit game does one laugh at oneself? No, I don't edit game files. It's me. It freaked out my internist when he tried to pull up lab results and the file wasn't known until I said. "Oh the problem is that I'm too close to the computer. H…
  • That was Fantastic! DooyDan graciously came over to help with getting a pic of the smilodon in the trap. I tried to throw a spear at the cat from six stories up on top of the cathedral and barely missed. So the trajectories seem to be good enough i…
  • My computer has many idiosyncrasies. Maybe my wife and I should switch computers long enough to see if it is my computer. I assume if that's the case then I would be faster.
  • I have a very old computer (parts are old, parts are new) that has been cobbled together. There are a lot of things that just don't work right (most games) and some things work really well (Thanks Tug). My wife is very computer literate, actually bu…
  • My picture is not fat. I often forget to eat and start going, "Ow Ow!" then when I do eat I don't overfill the slider. I ususally stop eating at 2 pumpkins and two seeds
  • Seedlings are so light that they don't take falling damage. There's no reason that wings would have to be heavy or alter the seedlings size. It could just be an animation and the ability to fly. I would tie it to some sort of potion or special food …
  • Server went down at 03:05 Central Time
  • I can't do screenshots, but anyone who can and is on Vakari, could you get a shot of the big cat in my trap? It's by the cathedral
  • that was fast
  • server crashed at about 18:38 Central time
  • server down as of 06:30 Central Time
  • Server appears to be down, is that just a normal crash or part of a reset?
  • @marceloSR You pick. It's your server. We can walk to a nice build site. When should it reset? What was the decision on 3 servers, or a designated time frame with different, "guidelines," of builds to try and tease out information regarding lag?
  • Yeah, just waiting for the word as to reset or not. I kind of don't want to bother playing while waiting to know if the asteroid is on the way. I'm ok either way. I'd just like to know. I haven't been killed by cats in this game. I probably just go…
  • What's that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an Asteroid?
  • I would like to see more things to find underground. Fossils would be neat, especially if you could eventually make a complete skeleton of something, and especially more if you could craft it into a golem. More metals would be nice too. I think it …
  • I found off in the middle of nowhere a shaft or maybe a well, a 2x2 surface hole that went down about 20 blocks and 14 kid goats in the bottom. I got rid of the goats and covered over the hole. That seemed to help with the local lag.
  • Maybe we need to test that then. It seems to me that block builds should require basically the same amount of coding as the environment that's already there, but I'm not literate in coding so could be wrong. Would it be feasible to have 3 servers? 1…
  • I'm ok with an asteroid strike. I'm ok with a town. I do think, though, that we should try to minimize the Z-Placements. Yeah, they are decorative and most of you have really cool looking houses, but if that's what's bogging things down, then we sho…
  • server down when I tried to log on at around 07:30 Central time. I assume a reset means an asteroid strikes and we start over?
  • This was a new one around 07:30 Central time. My computer crashed while playing on Vakari and reported a memory error. When I was able to restart the computer and reload Tug I found the server was down. I don't know if they are related. This was the…
  • @Wingidon Tool rocks can be crafted from pebbles which can be crafted from cobblestone which is easily accessible once you dig a mine. I think it would be reasonable to have flatrocks a limited resource in the sense of it takes a lot of resources …