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  • Yea, still on the same page here. Its not that updates would cease, its that things that go above and beyond the current experience, could be leveraged as DLC, driven by modders/community. But still things that don't take away from everyone else's e…
  • Actually @Northwind your thinking is not HORRIBLY far off from ours right now. Though officially, we still are not totally sold on Free just yet... The general issues of community toxicity being the biggest factor. We never intended for ALL the con…
  • Also, since we have all verified that we have been bought by a chinese mobile developer, resulting in us abandoning TUG for PC to make a mobile cash cow, we can go ahead and lock this guy up, too.
  • Yea this thread is getting a bit old... its already been discussed, talked through, and decided.
    in Curse Forge? Comment by ino July 2016
  • C'mon guys... at this point, its KINDA gettin knit picky :P The website front page is something we are just taking time to adjust to properly talk about Nerd Kingdoms project goals. Later, when we can reveal more of the stuff we are working on, we …
  • I don't think the goal for TUG is to simulate reality... instead, our job is to create a framework of rules for the world, that are easy to understand, and open up some levels of complexity. So for sake of discussion, lets say we make 3 versions o…
  • Right now, we are not 100% certain that the seeds hand WILL contain the crystal. It was initially put there as a method to handle some communications for UI... but since that time, we actually will have a few alternative methods of handling it that …
  • @DapperHamster @Wingidon , yes, that is correct. An archetpye is a generalization of a players habits/behaviors broken down into categories.. Explorer, Adventurer, Farmer, etc. Some of those bits may evolve, or some subsets may exist. There are int…
  • @DapperHamster Looking back, I think the reason I didn't correct anything was because I got into a place where I was playing defensive mode. Logically, it would make no sense to play stupid, or not correct if, knowing full well that he, and any othe…
  • @DapperHamster @ekohrman Thank you... this really means a lot.
  • @Charlock with my next startup, i'm taking that title.
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  • @Rawr you mean the nodal visual scripting interface thing?
    in Q3 demo stuff Comment by ino June 2016
  • here ya go
  • Well, we technically are still an independent developer. Its strictly chinese regulation that states we are a subsidiary, not US law... its a consideration for tax/filing consideration.
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  • Web transcompiling I would argue is more technical... the other two... yea, I think it walks dangerously close to that line. Touche.
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  • I guess I have the recent weekend activity to thank for drawing up attention to posts we overlooked! Yea, Kickstarter rewards are still happening, regardless of whatever "business model" is chosen. And those things will not be resold to anyone in t…
  • Well, i'd like to hope the core product is a bit more than just a pipe gun. But I think I see where you are going with this.
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  • Actually, now that I have the research/data science/analytics team starting to build up, we can start sharing some stuffs. This is also part of the topic of the after hours dev project, as well... Ill ask our dude to share some stuff we did from th…
  • @Wingidon flagged for shenanigans.
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  • @Emissary I can appreciate your concern, and as a gamer, if I read that shit from any typical game dev, I would inquire on the same. Our engine is capable of being local PC... as in, traditional PC executable, same as Rust, or Skyrim, etc... but al…
  • ?
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  • @Deadlock989 with that definition of forked tongue, I don't see how it correlates to what has been said. It also seems very clear that we ARENT done, you have many more feelings and opinions to portray. And of course the game looked better previou…
  • @Deadlock989 I agree, actions, not words. And my actions in engaging, I hope shows to some extent, that we are still here, not running off. Just demonstrated a video demo in video form... is there some disconnect on what vaporware is... orrrrrrrr? …
  • @Deadlock989 you're right, that is speculative at this point. Web tech is a powerful thing, and its something we don't want to miss out on... the concept of hardware is all converging, and it makes the most sense to make something that works with al…
  • Totally new lighting techniques. Will talk about them more when we get further into the video stuff in a few months. And you will have full control over all this stuff, fairly easily.
  • WOW, I totally have not been up on these QAs! Now that we have more members in the team handling more things, we are going to be able to combine a few ages at once, instead of segmenting them out. This way, we can focus a lot of tools for us and mo…
  • I'm curious has any decision been made on this? Yea, we ended up just deciding to roll our own system.
    in Curse Forge? Comment by ino June 2016
  • ha! We actually hired both modders on that project... we are going to be changing things up quite a bit to streamline development. Cannot say for certain if steampower wont be in the game eventually, but we will have some other interesting bits with…
  • No particular reason to why concept art works one way or another. Its typically exploratory... But with this comment, we actually will no longer have the gem on the main character you will be playing. That character will be in game in some form, bu…