Adventure Mode vs Survival Mode - Key Differences?

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TUG is the Holy Grail of gaming for me. I have high expectations and love the directions things are going for the most part (90% :D ). That being said I am super stoked about starting a strong gaming community focused around a personally run server.

Coming from a great Minecraft Community, The Woodenaxe. I am wanting to start the same style community server for TUG. I will need some basic mod tools though in the beginning. Such as World guard, and some sort of residence protections. Now with that being said, I have kind of picked up a hint that "Adventure Mode" may have some protections built into it?

So I thought it would be nice to have a basic list of characteristic differences between the two known modes.

Adventure Mode

Survival Mode

I will try and keep this list up to date with confirmed characteristics.
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    From what I understand, and referencing Minecraft, Adventure is going to be somewhat like peaceful mode: IE, it won't be as stressful as Survival. Survival is going to be the 'true' difficulty of TUG, where it is meant to be played, with death and murder and such. Of course, this is all speculation on my part.

    P.S. Welcome to the community
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    The way I understand it there will be no limitations on PVP in survival servers. (Other players can just run up to you and hit you with a stick instead of say having to challenge you to a duel in the adventure mode servers)
    I also seem to remember something about a sort of hunger system only being implemented in survival servers... don't quote me on that one though.

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    i remember the differences between adventure and survival being put something like this.
    adventure mode: no pvp unless consenting, protections in place for gear, houses, towns, etc... and a bit easier on the dying mechanism.
    survival mode: pvp all the time, no protections, no safe place.... like in real life.
    edit: fairly close actually, only forgot to mention adventure mode you choose your seeds looks. in survival, it's RANDOMIZED!!! ... sts/487670
    also more information on the early concepts of tug can be found here.
    also, you will be able to mod and customize the game how you see fit. tug's being built to allow for soft modding and hard modding as i remember it, soft modding being for people with little programming experience or artistry experience, and hard modding being for the heavy duty mods like thaumcraft, aether 2, IC2, etc..
    i can't remember where that was found, but i do remember them distinguishing between them
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    I was close enough
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    I'm posting here and not in suggestions because I'm pretty sure they won't move on this, however I hope a mod comes out in which you are able to make (in minecraft terms) a claim in survival mode. I personally like the idea of PvP everywhere, you're never safe, but at the same time I don't want my house to be destroyed!
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    Slamma, I'm sure there will be some type of magical object to harness that can create a barrier (or something!) in survival, even more so if there is a mod for it like there are for Minecraft. It wouldn't be too hard to make I'm assuming?

    I'm not sure about the NK Official servers though? Those servers are also going to be survival.
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    If you don't want your house destroyed on a survival server, then live with a collaborative community, or booby-trap it (possibly with magic). Survival is harsh, and protecting your home is an element thereof.
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    i'm fairly certain a mod'll come out to combine the various elements and allow people to customize what they want. "no block destruction in a claim except by claimer, pvp can be disabled, no instability for wisps, etc..."
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