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You know what, I haven't praised this yet but the seeds have such strange/abnormal proportions... I'm not sure who's responsible for the original design/current design...but geez good job, they look so elegant (and with such broad emotionless facial features along with huge monkey arms That's Saying Something!) It just hit me while I was looking at the patcher waiting for the new update to download... just so pleasing.
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  • FreemanFreeman REGISTERED Posts: 141
    I agree. Their designs are so distinct and charming.

    And I dunno if it's cuz I grew up on it, but I always get a kick outta Popeye arms.
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    My friend and I came up with a game idea very similar to TUG (pretty exact really), and the over proportioned (but not too much) features was one of our main concepts. One of the reasons I love the look of TUG so much. :mrgreen:
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    Now we've moved to more.. outlandish things.
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