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The newest update says:
Can you give an overview of the new TUG in a couple of short paragraphs, as if to new potential customers? What’s the “elevator pitch” description of the game?
  • The game takes place in procedurally generated worlds filled with floating islands that are enriched with resources, populated with diverse cultures and held together by a deeply rooted narrative.
  • Players slowly discover the beginnings of their universe through interactions and relationships developed within the game as well as uncovering the history of their own purpose for being.
  • Through a series of relationships and a string of choices our players determine their friends, their enemies and their eventual place with their creators.
That's an amazingly passive description. The concept of "survival" isn't there. Neither is "build communities." Nope; players are supposed to learn things - "discover" how the universe began, "uncover" their history, "determine" their friends and enemies. It sounds like players are supposed to absorb the game that's been handed to them, maybe get some social activity, but not create anything, not change the world itself.

I am interested by the "diverse cultures" and "deeply rooted narrative" part, since Tug v1 had none of that. But the rest looks like "we have a story to tell and we're telling it through very complex biome arrangement and NPC placement" instead of "here's a world for you to survive, build in, and create communities."

The update also confirms that voxel building will only be available during creative mode, and that survival mode building will be done with prefab elements. I understand the server load issues for endless building in multiplayer settings; I am worried that the combination of the limited building and the new basic focus of "you are here to figure out what's going on" rather than "you are here to build the world you want to live in" means sharp limitations on building styles and abilities.

It does sound like a setting more suited to tablet/mobile platforms, though. And those players won't, for the most part, know anything about the several- year history of dissatisfied existing players.


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    In this instance @Elf I'm disappointed that you've still focused solely on things that don't feel so good with you. Frankly, it's an answer to a question who's answer has been in development/growing for a long time. In-completeness or lack of the terms you wish to see... to me feels like an absurd thing to point towards.

    I like having you as part of the community but please remember the weight that comes with consistently pointing out the wrongs. I'm requesting some balance from you. In the grand scheme of things, the big thing here that you and I know is more important is that NK is now beginning to build communication with the community. Might be a nice idea to thank them for that.

    As far as building communities is concerned, at some point it's the community that builds itself. Not some in-grained coding, plot or push from the dev team.

    Oh and as far as creating a setting for tablet/mobile platforms where none of the new customer base knows about dissatisfied existing players - NK building communication up with us now wouldn't make sense if that was their end goal. Not to mention the hardware limitations of mobile/tablets. From someone who got to test a small snapshot of TUGv2 earlier this year - FOR GOODNESS SAKE, tug is being developed for PC. I'm going to start repeating that for as long as it takes to sink in.
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    please remember the weight that comes with consistently pointing out the wrongs. I'm requesting some balance from you.

    I had a long reply all written - nearly 500 words - and then I realized: you're right. Absolutely nobody wants to hear me gripe about TUG development.

    I'm done. Have turned off notifications from the Discord and unfollowed the tumblr; I'll try to ignore the frustrating updates and wait for version 2 beta. If I'm lucky, it'll be playable on whatever computer I have then; if I'm even luckier, it'll still have features I enjoy.
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    Thank you @Elf . Well, I'll still try to listen to your gripe. I was just a bit tired of it on this day.
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    There's a discord?
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    were can i go to find the newest info on this game?
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    There is no new info. The only spokesperson we had, has left the company; the official tumblr hasn't been updated since April; the most recent update video was from June (and it's unlisted, so, presumably unofficial); the Steam community is full of questions with no answers. Most of the dev team was laid off in October.

    Best guess we have is that it's switching to yet another mobile-based survival-crafting game, no voxel building, with an art style loosely inspired by the original game.
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    Northwind said:

    were can i go to find the newest info on this game?

    I think the best place to find the latest info (if any :P) is the Discord Server mentioned above.
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    There's no official info, no word from the devs, since October.

    I think the TUG we've been waiting for is dead. What we've got is all it's ever going to be. The new version will be a survival-adventure game like Rust with different graphics and skill systems.

    There's been some hint that there'll still be voxel building in creative mode, but considering how many other promises they've broken, I wouldn't hold out for that.
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    aaaand anyone who funded the Kickstarter and wants a refund is probably going to need to take legal action for it. There's probably room for a nice class action lawsuit, if someone had the energy to look into it.
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