Sharing user stats among servers?

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Hello Nerdkingdom, I read a post regarding how TUG may handle grieffers and trolls a while back. It mentioned that you will be collecting player interaction data for your studies and that data would be used some how to effect the game play for such players. Whatever that may be.

What I was wondering is whether such data can / will be shared, perhaps on an opt-in service, to private servers so that we can take advantage of the same systems to monitor our servers? I would be happy to share any data that was gathered from my server back to Nerdkingdom as well by the way.


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    I like the idea but it depends on what kind of data you expect to get and what you think this data will give you as information about your server. What is the information you're interested in? Which specific details about players on a server are possible to retrieve of the server's data?

    And I think that any private server should have that option turned on by default. This is not only a game. It is a social experiment on a new level. Server owners have to find ways to configure their servers as they like and therefore change the behavior of players.
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    I'm not sure it would be necessary for server operators to know specific personal info. Especialy if there is a TUG standard way of dealing with bad players pre installed in the code. I do think it would be great to have the ability to use the same methods of analysis to determine player characteristics on private servers, or even access to compare player ID's who register on a private server to the public servers. Maybe showing any flags for players who have been identified as Trolls etc.

    This would give server operators a way of doing many things:

    1. We could black list players we don't want on our system.

    2. We could optionally implement the TUG default consequences to bad play.

    3. We could create our own unique MODs to deal with certain players behaviour.
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    I would just like to add that its the social science side of this project that makes TUG what it is. Without the ability to gather information on player interaction and use it in a meaningful way to make the game play better we are left with just another sandbox game, or generic RPG. Regardless of how pretty it is.
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    The main thing is, what sort of information are you talking about? I agree that social science data should be stored from any and all servers, but if you mean things like body build, inv etc... then you will end up with problems like Terraria had/has. A perma data sheet is good fun, but it would require DRM if it were to be stored by NK, and if it were stored client side, hacking gets a whole lot easier.
  • screightcascreightca REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    First, I'm not talking about tracking personal information such as real names etc, although I do think it would be a great idea if a users access key was used as a serial number to identify a user on a server / any server. I could care less about character data, since the characters are merely constructs of how a given user choses to play a a particular time. If they have multiple characters they could chose to be a hero with one and an ass with another.

    Nor do i think any character data should ever be saved at the client side. There are to many cheaters out there.

    Regardless of whether actual data is shared from TUG or not, what I think should most definitely be available to server admins are tools to analyze game play of users on their server(s) to determine what actions to take, if any, with that user. Either to enhance their game or deal with unwanted users.

    I think if there was a safe way to pull information (perhaps using the registration key as an identifier) from TUG, such as whether a player is considered a Troll or Grieffer, could be very useful in pre-identifying problem users. Whether an admin choses to do anything about it should be up to them. (Maybe they want those users...)

    As for whatever plans TUG has for modifying game play to deal with Trolls and Grieffers, I think it would be useful to have the same tools available to admins running their own servers on an optional basis.
  • NelfieNelfie REGISTERED Posts: 9
    I would love to have my character data saved between the official servers in a online database, as well a local save to use between private servers. I loved that about terraria, how I could switch worlds, but still retain progress with my character.

    Don't know if it's sufficient information, or how it should be stored or viewed by others/moderators?/server-administrators.

    But stats about playerkills, resourcegain(wealth?), playtime(age?) etc could be visible to people that have the devices/consoles available to see this kind of information.

    It would be great as well for mayors of cities to access a new citizens background information by scanning their handheld-gem-device-thingie (can't remember the name of it >.>)

    I don't know, I may be completely misunderstanding the OP's suggestion, however I'll just let my answer float around here.

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  • screightcascreightca REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    To be clear, I wasn't talking about transferring character data but rather what system(s) TUG was using to modify game play based on how players behave in the game.
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