I dont use Steam anymore and want to play TUG help!!! :(

NorthwindNorthwind REGISTERED Posts: 21 Seed
I i got rid of steam awhile back. i want to play TUG because i payed for it but dont know how to achieve this. i dont have discord anymore either so i am out of the loop. please help.


  • ElfElf REGISTERED Posts: 75 Seed
    You should be able to use Discord in a browser. https://discordapp.com/channels/122594214952435714/122594214952435714 is the general chat channel for Tug.

    If you bought the game on Steam, I'm not sure if it'll run without Steam. (Probably? It's designed to be mod-able and there's a non-Steam version, so it should still work.) Steam was the only way to get the regular dev updates, but they did occasionally push other updates. If, however, you bought it on Steam, you may need to use Steam to download it, even if it's playable without the Steam launcher.

    You can also try your Nerd Kingdom account page at http://accounts.nerdkingdom.com/Account/Login which is different from the forum accounts. If you can log into that and you bought TUG outside of Steam, it should tell you what items you have and whether they've been delivered.

    You can also email the support team, and they should be able to help sort out account details.
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