Need List of Key Commands

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I've just started up TUG after several months of downtime; there've been some major updates since I last played.

I can't remember how to do anything, and I gather some of the basic controls have changed. Is there a current list of key commands anywhere?


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    There's a TUG Wiki which has a lot of info here:
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    You can also check the key bindings in the setup tab.
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  • ElfElf REGISTERED Posts: 75 Seed
    Thanks; I'd used the wiki before but couldn't remember the name of the page. (I'd thought it was "commands" for some reason.)

    I'd seen the Options --> Input tab before; I hadn't realized that was where the basic controls were listed because I'd thought of it as a "change the default settings" feature (which I don't want to do; no point in getting used to a custom set of options during alpha) instead of play information.

    I've saved out screencaps of that, since I couldn't find a way to copy the text directly, and will put together a reference list.
  • ElfElf REGISTERED Posts: 75 Seed
    I finally did the work of transcribing them. Turns out, in the newest update, there is no command for "use item" unless you set one, and "pick up" changed from LClick to F for some reason - LClick is now, by default, "drop item." (I can see how much playtesting happened before 0.8.9 was released.)

    I made a spreadsheet:

    For myself, I'm resetting LClick to "use" and Q to "drop."

    I'm also hoping that when Version 2 comes out, someone will have thought to go through the default key bindings and make sure the result is a playable game.

    (Side thing: Tug wiki is now listed as an untrusted site; the certificate hasn't been renewed.)
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