Current state of TUG 2.0?

dagarondagaron REGISTERED Posts: 9 Podling
Just wanting to know how everything is going. is it still being planned for late December?

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  • agzunagzun REGISTERED Posts: 10 Seed
    I would also like to know....
  • DapperHamsterDapperHamster REGISTERED Posts: 58 Seed
    This is the only communication from Nerd Kingdom currently, that I've seen:
    Rawr said:

    [....] NK is still interacting with the community but on a smaller scale via the discord channel. You might like to check it out.


    There is way too much chatter on there for me to spend hours shifting through it all to see if what kind of information there is about the game and it's progress, but perhaps you can glean something from it. Luckily there is a separate leak channel that is manageable.

    It's nice for those who have the time to be constantly on the discord channel, but it would be nice to have something a bit more compact and informational. Perhaps one of the people who is immersed in the discord channel could give brief updates to the forums every so often? Nothing big, just informal "this what they're working on, this is where things stand". Even "there's no news".
  • ElfElf REGISTERED Posts: 75 Seed
    I doubt there's a release planned in the next week and a half. If there were, they'd've posted an announcement to get people to start thinking about TUG again. Right now, if they release it, it'll be ignored in the swarm of gift games that many people bought or received.

    The recent posts in Discord do not imply, "all ready to go; just doing this tiny bit of last-minute tweaks to the code!" Instead, they imply, "we're still working on graphics; plz don't ask questions about release scheduling."

    (C'mon, NK; prove my pessimism wrong.)
  • ekohrmanekohrman REGISTERED Posts: 87 Seed
    As a Kickstarter backer, I just got this update about TUG 2.0.
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  • ElfElf REGISTERED Posts: 75 Seed
    Me too. Sure enough: no version 2 release this year. (I don't count "select developers will get something this week;" crowdsourcing your coding is not a release.)

    We got an "I accept full personal responsibility" for communications, but not "I'm sorry; I messed that up" nor even "here's what we're doing differently in the future." There's a promise of an update early next year - but nothing resembling, "we'll post weekly/monthly updates." He says he'll go over plans for next year so they can be "held accountable" for them - but nothing about accountability for the plans *this* year that didn't happen: mainly, a version 2 release by the end of December.

    Not sure what he thinks "held accountable" means. It's not like we can do anything, other than continue to warn our friends not to wait around for TUG to be playable as originally advertised.
  • arshan272arshan272 REGISTERED Posts: 92 Seed
    At this rate, I'm going to have to solicit steam for a special case refund...
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  • ValidifyedValidifyed REGISTERED Posts: 612 Seed
    I do kind of find it rich that us with early access wont all get it at the same time, or even before others do. Although one could make the argument that this is more of a "inDev" build, as they have technically started over with the code base.

    Personally I only want the game so I can play around with it, talk about it for a month or two, then drop it until it hits the next major dev milestone. I want to do that all the same though, and I did, along with others, pay for the privilege during the kickstarter.
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