agzunagzun REGISTERED Posts: 10 Seed
Would it be considered necroing to post on old discussions if the whole site is a graveyard?


  • DapperHamsterDapperHamster REGISTERED Posts: 58 Seed
    Not at all! Everyone here was pretty laid back to begin with, I really don't think you'd get attacked for 'necroing' even if the forums were more lively.
  • agzunagzun REGISTERED Posts: 10 Seed
    Alright just wondering because i want to get back into this community even if its small. I just heard about the new update that was maybe coming out this December. I also have an arbitrary need to get more forum badges.
  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Seeing some old discussions can be welcome, specially if they can still be interesting to talk about, so go ahead!
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