My Ideas Thread Section VI: Crops. Pg. 1 (New orginization WIP)

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Before looking at all these different crops, take a look at this "map" of the meanings of the colored dots before each crop name.

Green dot - This crop is currently in the game.

Yellow dot - This crop is in game, but doesn't grow fruit yet or isn't implemented the way I have in mind.

Red dot - This crop is not in the game at all.

#1: Terran Crops Pg 1.

Notes on Pg. 1 Crops:

Raspberries: Currently, in TUG there are two types of berries, blue and red berries. My idea is just to replace redberries with raspberries.

Grapes: In real life, grape plants are usually grown on ropes, so it would only make sense they do the same thing in TUG.

Paddlesnip: This idea radically changes paddlesnip roots are in TUG. My idea is that they should grow around rivers, and at a certain season would fall into the river and let the current take it away, hence the name, PADDLEsnip.

Bamboo Sprouts: Serve as food and as a sapling for bamboo trees. Bamboo sprouts grow around mature bamboo trees.

#2: Swamp Glowberries (Will eventually be removed and revamped)

These blue-green berries are found in jungle swamps. They can be used as an ingredient in more complex food recipies or can be used as a glowing dye for painting on walls.


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    It's easy to say this one's a rather bright idea.
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    Currently working on revamping this post. Pg 1 of the crops I would like to see in game is now on this post. More pages will come eventually.
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