"Your target audience doesn't exist"

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Article by the guy who created Steam Spy: https://medium.com/steam-spy/your-target-audience-doesn-t-exist-999b78aa77ae#.xxrs3slrt

Let me repeat it once more, because it’s really important.

Various studies suggest that there are 700–800 million of PC gamers. It’s probably true, but it doesn’t mean much for your game. Because if you’re developing a downloadable game for Steam you’re not even fighting for 135M of its active users,

you’re fighting for the attention of 1.3 million gamers
that are actually buying lots of games.

The 1% group.

Interesting article, pointing out that basically, there is no "MMORPG audience" or "MOBA demographic" to seek - while there are indeed zillions of players of PC games, their interests and dedications are scattered as hell. There are millions of WoW players... but those players aren't seeking other MMORPGs; they're enjoying WoW and its updates. Games are not fungible - interest in one is not transferable to another, even within a genre.


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    Quite the interesting read.

    Explains why I am bothered when Steam suggests me survival sandbox games and such because I have, like, two of them. I have a few of those because I am interested into those, not the genre.
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    I really wish Steam's search engine was better at exclusion; I'd love to search for the genres I like while leaving out all my do-not-buy dealbreakers.

    I wonder how much better marketing would work if someone did actual user-focused research about the features people care about, instead of just letting game companies define genres and then being confused when the public doesn't buy according to those categories.

    And related to TUG: There are~50,000 TUG owners at Steam, pretty much all of whom have given up on the game. (Some may be very happy to jump back into it when it starts updating again, but almost nobody is actively playing right now.) Nerd Kingdom will need a serious marketing push to increase that number, because those were the ideal target demographic - pitching the game outside of that group is going to be very hard. NK may be thinking, "Steam market = 100M+ players!" but the potential TUG market there is much, much smaller.
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    For sure there's lots to think about with marketing however I believe NK is leaning more towards refinement than boardcasting. At least within the next year or so.
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