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#1: Tainted Crawlers

(These were originally from Thaumcraft, they were spider-like mobs, but I thought that was a little cliché so I changed them into a more termite-like mob.)

These disgusting little creatures can be found crawling all over tainted swamps. They come from tainted egg sacs. If you are near a tainted egg sac and are moving too quickly, the egg will hatch and tainted crawlers will come after you.

Tainted crawlers have 3 attacks. The first is a bite attack in which the tainted crawler will chop you with its mandibles. The second attack is a sting attack which will poison you. The third attack is much more severe. The tainted crawler will jump up and try to latch onto your face! After latching on, the crawler will proceed to bite and sting you. You'll have to shake them off quickly since they can do a massive amount of damage in a short amount of time.

On death. tainted crawlers can drop tainted goo, a tainted stinger, tainted exoskeleton shards, and possibly a crawler head.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "These things are horrible and scary! I just peed myself just reading about these things! :( " But, these things aren't all bad. If you can manage to slowly move up toward an egg sac and destroy it, it will hatch tainted maggots. You can either.....

A: Destroy these little abominations and get some tainted goo, or......

B: Raise these things, feed them tainted goo/tainted fruit, and watch as they grow into fully tamed adult taint crawlers. Which you can then order around and get them to latch onto someone else's face! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

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#2: Tainted Moths

These 4-winged tainted moths can be found in tainted forest, tainted swamp, and tainted jungle biomes. These tainted creatures can attack in 3 different ways. The first attack is a poison spit in which, obviously, they spit poison at you. The second attack has a larger radius of effect. The moth will flap its wings hard in order to shake off a cloud of poisonous, paralyzing, tainted dust. On the third type of attack, the moth will try to suck your blood with it's long mouth (which, by the way, can extend in order to reach you.

The moths are fast but are very susceptible to damage. Just shoot down or hit it with your sword to knock it out of the air for good. The parts you can harvest from this creature are eyestalks, wings (No, you can't use them to fly. Don't ask.) And tainted goo.

If you want to tame some, you'll have to do it when they're tainterpillers, seeing as destroying a cacoon will kill the growing moths instantly.

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#3: The Churkey (Chicken + Turkey)

Everyone's favorite birds, chicken and turkeys, come together in this delicious new mob, the CHURKEY!!!
-drops poultry meat.

#4: Beants (Bee + ants)

Info here:

#5: @!$%$^&%#@ The Slider Boss.

(A while back NK and the aether 2 dev team were working together on TUG. I was thinking that maybe the whole Aether could be added to TUG. So here's a picture and explaination of my redone slider boss.)

Hidden deep within the dungeons of the Aether lie ancient holystone constructs known as "Sliders" These guardians of the dungeon treasures slide through the air in an attempt to crush the intruder and protect the loot. Each slider has a long, unique, and unpronounceable name. When you beat them, not only do you get the dungeons treasure, but there is also a small chance to get an item known as a "Slider Core Matrix" Which you can take home, and research it until you learn how to craft your own. You may ask, "Why would I go through all the trouble researching this item just to learn a crafting recipie for an item when I don't even know what it does?" well, here's the answer.

When you learn the crafting recipie for the core matrix, not only will you be able to craft it, but also use it to construct your own sliders! This could be a very effective way of defending things you'd like to not get stolen.

#6: Ghost Frogs

Found in the haunted swamps, these poisonous frogs feed on the blue glowing ghostshroom. Their diet gives their skin a transparent blue glow, showing off their skeleton. Hence, the name. If you manage to catch one of these, it would be a pretty cool pet to show off to friends.


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    First update in a LOOOOONNNNGGGG Time! This update to the thread shows off my new mob, the Ghost Frog!
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    They're all awesome. Love the new Ghost Frog too!
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    Second update to this thread: New Aether Slider Boss art and a new concept, THE SLIDER CORE MATRIX!!!
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    Gotta love how you specify that the Slider's names are inpronounceable.
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