Make a spectacle of the engine rewrite?

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I am getting increasingly more and more unsettled by the community hemorrhage affecting tug. Recently I saw that I was the only person online on the forums and I am not even a regular. Furthermore, I had to find out about why NK went silent from a series of third party sources and I had to find out when that so called reason (being the engine rewrite) would come to fruition.

I bought the game on Steam, I can't refund it (not that I even want to, because I have an iota of faith that the game will succeed eventually unless that DQ game gets ported to PC) but I cannot recommend people do so much as keep their eyes on it unless TUG shows signs of life outside this rather insular and now thinning community website.

I also suspect that having a home web page that does not even bely the existence of a game at all must be contributing to this.

I have apparently been here for three years now, and I doubt that I am alone in thinking this, even though it seems I am alone thinking it out loud here.
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    I'm all eager for getting to look at any nicely-looking pictures with the idea that TUG is going to be that.

    And yes, the front page is still in need of a rework, hope they can afford to work on that soon. It's a bit too much of a first impression for some people to be left in it's current state.
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    Publicising this and letting the latent backers back into the community would be a good thing, but only if there is a solid roadmap that will get the game development moving fast after that release. Its unlikely you would get a 3rd attempt at getting everyone back on board.
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    Having no concrete, rigid road map is what put TUG in this position of dangerous half-death in the first place. Enterprising developers are coming up with alternatives, and while none of those are either in near sight or coming to PC, it is only a matter of time before TUG's intended niche is outshone. That will be a sorry day if it ever comes.
    Apparently, my opposite class is the Alcoholic.
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    I hope to God it doesn't.
    Apparently, my opposite class is the Alcoholic.
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