Space Engineers

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This is a really fun game I recently discovered, that I really like. I find it to be an interesting and unique space sandbox game, with great physics! it also doesn't require that powerful of a computer to run pretty well! (crappy broken laptop FTW) but yeah, also, the bending of ships and the mining is really cool, as it actually sorta stays all rocky and natural looking when you mine, and, when crashing your ship it actually bends and destroys the blocks, features a lot of games have been unable to offer

this video is two months old by the way

EDIT: video is not working, just gonna make it a link
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    I was sure it's a horror game.
    Don't ask why.
    Mind clicking those eggs?
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    Dead Space connotations?

    Issac Clarke is an engineer in space...
    The Machine is on....


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    I know this thread is old, but this game is still fun. they have added planets and stuff. oh and a lot of bugs, but that happens.
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