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As we are all aware there has been a lot of community backlash over Paid mods.There are a lot of reasons out there for this
most of them have been strongly voiced how ever I would like to add some of my opinions that I haven't seen around.

(1) Paying for cosmetics)
Its easy to justify the sale of cosmetics because it's not game breaking/pay for power.
However I feel that it can ruin a game here is why. Cosmetics that are unlocked by payment don't
really give the player incentive to explore and spend time in the game. I feel that it is not as rewarding as going out
Finding material and completing quests to earn them. When cash shop cosmetic items out weigh and look better then the items that are earned from playing the game It creates a game that is lacking content am I find has a high turnover of players. Its like "OK this game is pretty cool. And its free so I am gonna buy this cool looking item from the cash there isn't much to do in this game so I am going to quit and go play something else".
What I want to see is " oh wow look at that awesome gear that guys has how do I get it? Oh wow that sounds hard I better team up with my friends and complete this content so I can craft/earn these cosmetic items. You get the picture.

(2) Dividing the community)
From my understanding TUG is to be a game that is all about working together and community.
I don't expect TUG is going to catch on real quick and the idea of having content that is paid for could create a division of player The players that paid from the content and players that didn't. I don't know how much this could effect TUG or not but I do know I has had a negative effect on other games

(3) The content clusterfuck)
This is one reason I don't play with a lot of mods in minecraft. Some of the mod packs I find aren't up to date and
sometimes the content doesn't flow well with others. What you end up with is a big confusing clusterfuck of content the doesn't make any sense with the world or its lore. Not only is this a pain in the ass but I feel it also detracts from the official content the developers release. Its like this
"I really like these three mods but only one of them it supported by v2 and the other two will only work if I have another 3rd part manager installed that work on v1.25. awww damn but v2 adds cool stuff I wanna experience. damn this sucks!" ever experience this with a game?
don't let TUG be like this people wont pay for mods that do this and it will kill you. this also plays into reason 2

Here is my suggestion. Tug the base game is F2P. Come out with community content packs every 3 months or so. take all the good cosmetics and mods that the are popular make sure they are stable and flow well together with the base game. release them as a content expansion type thing and make the content objective
rather then pay for instant items. pay the modders for what you think the content is worth and give them a % cut on the profit of the sales of the content content packs should be things that expand the world rather then change it so that there is more to do if you own it rather then creating a division
between those that own and those that don't. I just means if you don't own the game you wont be able to experienceas much content. for example you may some guy with cool weapon and a pet but in order to earn those pets and weapons you must first buy CCP #2. catch my drift?
what are some other thoughts or ideas


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    Actually @Northwind your thinking is not HORRIBLY far off from ours right now. Though officially, we still are not totally sold on Free just yet... The general issues of community toxicity being the biggest factor.

    We never intended for ALL the content people made to be paid content. We intended it to be something only available to the few who have proven themselves over time, and made solid content on their own, which Nerd Kingdom would later partner up and assist better "perfecting" it. With the current thinking, however, we take a more "official" approach to it.

    One of the ideas, is simply that we watch for any powerful mods we think add to the vanilla experience, and simply pay that modder out of pocket, to plug it into the game. If it's something that just ads icing, instead of adds to the core experience, it may be some kind of potential DLC pack. This would require a GREAT deal of attention, and even some dev assistance from NK... Perhaps we would even allow the community to make that call themselves. Of course, the mod version of that content would also be available, but likely not as "filled out" as the content we would assist the modder/dev in creating.

    But yea, the concept of "paid mods" was never a black and white thing, there are gray areas. I think that the very mention of it simply reminded people of what happened with Skyrim, and that was all kinds of bad. Still... This, in its entirety, is a touchy topic, and not something to be taken lightly. Which is why we are going to take a great deal of time really weighing things out, and have a solid plan on how it will, or won't work, before we do anything.
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    I think if it is more of a offical expansion pack type deal then the reaction would be less hostile. In my experience people are willing fork out money for a expansion that they know is going to be quality content. This formula has worked for the gaming industry for many years. Only recently has it been all and the dlc,dlc,dlc,microtransactions,microtransactions. , microtransactions. And in 90% of cases it is being handled horribly . I could definitely see expantion packs released at the same time as major updates not just working well but helping you earn the respect for the community. Here is our latest update we are adding all these cool new features to the vanilla experience and here is a community content pack we are selling that will give you more stuff to craft, build and tame with the update. The update would add to the core experience and the expantion would be the cosmetics ,dungeons , pets and other stuff.
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    Yea, still on the same page here. Its not that updates would cease, its that things that go above and beyond the current experience, could be leveraged as DLC, driven by modders/community. But still things that don't take away from everyone else's experience who DOESN'T want that content.

    Again, still lots to think through on this topic.
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