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#1: Respawn points

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In the game, when you die you turn into a wisp. My idea is when you are a wisp, instead of just spawning at some universal spawn point, there would be multiple points that you can choose which to spawn at. And that certain types of spawn points would give your new body special buffs.

#2: Tainted Tree

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Simply a tree that this found in certain tainted biomes.

#3: Aether Trees

I was hoping that maybe someday the aether could be added to TUG. So I drew art of the trees that can be found in the aether mod as well as some seeds/fruit you can use to re-plant them. Enjoy! :)

#4: Neuria node (inspired by Thaumcraft)

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Neuria Nodes are invisible Neuria distributers (they can be seen however, if you have tech that can reveal them.) They replenish the Neuria in their local area, and distribute it equally all over the loaded world. They usually output Neuria at a neutral charge, however, there are some exceptions.

#5: Neuria crystal

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Neuria crystals are found naturally in the world. Neuria crystals are basically Neuria batteries. They carry a certain amount of Neuria with either a positive charge, a negative charge, or a neutral charge (although neutral crystal clusters
are never found naturally) The crystals can be used in crafting recipes, increase your characters base Neuria (fuel), and can be used to charge the local Neuria. Neuria crystal clusters will drop shards that have the same amount of charge that the crystal cluster had (Example: a 50% positively charged cluster will drop 2-3 50% positively charged crystal shards) When you use up all the positive or negative Neuria in the shard, it will turn into a neutral crystal shard. The neutral crystal shard can either be recharged positively or negatively, or it can be ground up into neutral crystal dust, which can be used to grow neutral crystal shard clusters.

#6: Dungeon Concept:

Here's just a dungeon concept I drew today. I basically took the pyramids of giza and added Arabian architecture to it. Hope you guys like it.


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