How many ages are currently planned for TUG?

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I know we have the crude age and the bronze age, how many more should we expect to be getting?

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  • inoino Posts: 131
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    WOW, I totally have not been up on these QAs!

    Now that we have more members in the team handling more things, we are going to be able to combine a few ages at once, instead of segmenting them out. This way, we can focus a lot of tools for us and modders, as well as a variety of different art assets to experiment with stuff quickly.
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  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    I say an iron age will happen. If I've heard right, we will reach magitek at some point.
  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    So, as we progress, we might still find uses for Bronze and it's properties for the time our primary tools are of different metals.
  • Deadlock989Deadlock989 REGISTERED Posts: 72 Seed
    Maybe! Or maybe just one big lump of stuff that you need to finish off and then have "licensed"!

    Who knows! Three years is too soon to just KNOW stuff about what we're doing.
  • CharlockCharlock REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 293 Seed
    I have this pie in the sky image in my mind of travelling across the world and seeing everything from tents around a campfire, villages with crude huts and eventually entering large cities with immaculate construction and engineered mechanisms like aqueducts and mills. Sort of like a caveman waking up in the Renaissance.
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