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First I'm going to say that I haven't played the game since September of last year. I have tried but my wireless keyboard is no good and cuts out while playing games. I also haven't been on the forums in a while so if any of this is either already in the game or has already been suggested.... forgive me!

Progression is the most important thing, no matter what you are doing; playing games or doing things irl.
While I was just trying to play TUG [and failing because of this keyboard], I was wondering where the progression was going to go. I started to think about how other games do progression, which is often the further into the game you go, the more difficult monsters and better gear/resources you find.

That's a great progression system but one that has been done over and over [and I couldn't keep playing to see how TUG progresses because this keyboard...]. So I started imagining what would fun and different.
I was watching a goat and it's kid on the edge of the green forest I started in and a dark forest. And then it hit me. Area bosses for each individual biome [you have two green forests separated by other biomes, each would get their own bosses and progressions, not linked]. So I was thinking how cool it would be if you take out a boss and the biome levels up, better loot, stronger monsters, stronger boss. For the sake of multiplay, make the starting biome boss free [or progression free?] to avoid people making the starting biome a level 100 zone [just for instance].

And then I started thinking, what if you didn't want to level up the zone. It makes sense that defeating a boss could either leave a power vacuum or could clear the area of hostile enemies. So what if you wanted to lower the area's level? Plant a flag or some other marking to let monsters know the area is protected.

So you could have the starting biome[lvl 1] and right next to it you could have a max level biome. How do you prevent high level monsters from attacking newbies? Build a wall.

I think most players would think the progression out a bit more, keep areas around spawn as low level areas and have high level areas further away. But there would be the option to increase the power of a low level area into a high level, or reverse the process by marking the territory.

I have more ideas but I also have questions so I'm going to hop over to Q&A, thanks for reading!


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    This is a pretty cool idea, it could definitely use improvement though. Instead of biome level depending on just defeating bosses, it could depend on several factors including: pollution, magic, mob population, local resources, player actions/civilization progression etc.
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    I, myself am more of a fan of the difficulty depending on a rather wide-ish variety of factors rather than simply a specific boss. I guess the wilderness itself would only ever get to become moderately hard, with the toughest stuff being in excessively deep caves and less... natural places (big, ridiculously tall and tricky to reach mountains that lead to... stuff?).
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    Both excellent ideas as well.... I love this game and how it brings people together [like all the great games do :) ]

    I love the ideas of mob pop, player actions, civ progression, and toughest stuff being really deep and really high.

    Maybe they'll have some progression in the next update [which for the graphics alone I'm sooooo excited for!!]
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    What if, in addition to a "biome boss," there was a whole dungeon or tower to explore. The boss doesn't need to be in the dungeon, it could even be wandering around, but some sort of structure that both serves as a landmark and a place to go adventuring, if you want some exploring.

    I was also thinking, I prefer a branching progression rather than a linear one. Certainly not all items are equal, but having comparable tool/weapon sets based on how you like to play. For example, do you prefer tools/gear/weapons/structures made out of precious metals, stone, crystal, vegetation, bone or some combination of those? Perhaps all would start out with Stone Age tools, but then from there could find their specialty. Perhaps different bosses would be friendly/aggressive depending on what type of path you chose.
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    How will you get stronger to defeat the stronger bosses? Lvl,crafting, both. Mabey killing a boss will give a a ability or item that will aid you againstanother boss?
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    Maybe you won't get a whole lot stronger (in terms of being able to deal larger amounts of damage) but could gain different tactics or ways of defeating bosses. Perhaps at first you're limited to physical attacks, but as you progress, you gain items from bosses, poisons, magic etc.
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