Beants! (Bee-ants) A system of beekeeping for TUG.

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It only seems logical that TUG should have a beekeeping system. I wanted to put a style of beekeeping for TUG that's artistically and functionally unique (somewhat). Since TUG has a theme of having animal hybrids (Bear-rams for example.) I came up with a hybrid bee type. Beants! (a.k.a. Bee-ants)

Beants are a combination of the 2 hardest working insects in nature, Bees and ants. Beants have instincts of both insects, so, not only do they act like bees, they can also act like ants. Beants, like bees, build hives on branches and in hollow trees, but, like ants, they can also build mounds. Beants found in nature come in 3 varieties; red males, yellow females, and orange queens. Each type of beant has a special role in the beant hive/mound. Male beants usually work around the hive, moving food, feeding the queen, taking care of beant larvae etc. Male beants don't have wings, therefore, they can't fly. Females, on the other hand, have wings and can fly. Female beants swarm around the hive to protect it from invaders. They are also the workers who go and collect pollen and nectar from nearby flowers,plants etc.

Each type of hive has a certain ratio of male to female beants. For example, hives hanging from branches are in the air. Since female beants can fly, the branch hive will have a predominantly female population. A beant mound, however, is on, well, the ground, obviously. Since male beants don't have wings, males will be able to go in and out of the mound easily. Therefore, the mound's population will be predominantly male.

This whole thing about population ratios isn't just an aesthetic, it effects beekeeping in significant ways. For example, if you were to attack the hive hanging on the branch, female beants will swarm you and sting you, causing damage. If you were to step on a mound, on the other hand, an army of male beants will chase you and try to bite you.

Something that every hive has, whether it's a mound or a hive hanging from a branch, is a queen. In earlier ages such as the stone age, the best way to get a queen out of her hive would be to pretty much destroy the hive. This would make the beants pretty mad. There would be better ways to drive out the queen without disturbing the hive in later ages.

To start your own hive, you would have to craft a beant-box. (probably would be made from chopped wood). To populate your new hive, you would have to jar a queen beant, and jar an army of male beants.

When you put a queen and male beants in the hive together, they'll begin to breed. And eventually, you'll be able to collect honey from their diamond shape honeycombs. (unlike earth bees, which build hexagon-shaped honeycombs, beants make diamond-shaped cones. I thought that would add a bit of uniqueness to TUG's artstyle :) )

You can also bottle male and female beants in crafting recipies.

Female beants can be used to craft a beant grenade. (Crafted with 2 coconut-halves, 3 vines, and a jar of female beants.)

When you throw a beant grenade, the grenade will burst and female beants will ferociously attack your victim.

Male ants, on the other hand, can be used to craft a beant mine. (Crafted with 1 pumpkin shell, 3 vines, and a jar of male beants.)

When an enemy steps on one of these beant mines, male beants will come out and begin to bite the victim, causing damage.

Well, that's all I have for now. Tell me what you guys think in the comments below.


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    Note: I only wrote this comment to put this suggestion on the top of the list. Please ignore. LOL
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    I don't have the strength and willpower to read thru all of that, but I have to say that the detail of diamond-shaped panels just to make it a bit more unique is one lovely detail.
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    I saw the title and was thinking Bee Treants hehe like an ent with a bee hive in it :P

    Ents of any type would be cool though.
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    I like this idea a lot. Could the beants also carry away some of your food to their hives? Perhaps emptying woven baskets if you're careless?
  • Jakeman6299Jakeman6299 REGISTERED Posts: 84 Seed
    Tronkin said:

    I like this idea a lot. Could the beants also carry away some of your food to their hives? Perhaps emptying woven baskets if you're careless?

    Ooooooooo. That sounds cool. :) (and slightly annoying LOL)
  • TronkinTronkin REGISTERED Posts: 15 Seed
    Right? Part of me didn't want to suggest it, but then I imagined a dozen glowing gourds being carried away by tiny creatures in a line...
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