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Hi everyone, this is just a small patch to address some feedback we’ve received from the last release. You can now drop full stacks of items when in z-placement, and we’ve addressed several stability issues that have been sporadically affecting users.

Patch 0.8.8 [HOTFIX]

  • Updated z-placement so that holding the place key (default right mouse button) will place a full stack of whatever is in your hand.
  • Fixed a save corruption if the client closed (or crashed) the game while interacting with any type of container
  • Fixed an issue with containers being unloaded improperly
  • Fixed an issue with players leaving when holding an item that isn’t visible
  • Fixed a crash with players looking at invalid objects


  • Wild_Blue_WolfWild_Blue_Wolf REGISTERED Posts: 2 Podling
    Hi, I bought TUG on steam in 2015 and I would like to update it to the newer TUG . What needs to be done to do this ?
  • CobellCobell REGISTERED Posts: 84
    edited March 2016
    Patches like this are already live. Steam should auto-update it for you (unless you specifically disable that). If you uninstalled it, just redownload it, and it'll be up-to-date.

    If you're referring to our in-progress engine updates, that isn't out yet.
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    oh *sigh* hehehe I didn't read the 8.8 I thought this was suddenly a new patch

  • KogisaKogisa REGISTERED Posts: 9 Podling
    looking better and better those updates :+1:
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