Disappearing Cauldron

TronkinTronkin REGISTERED Posts: 15 Seed
I've been having a problem where I place a cauldron, go off adventuring, and then come back with no cauldron and no fire pit. Sometimes, when I build a fire, it makes a bubbling sound though there is no cauldron, but other than that, it seems to have totally disappeared. Any ideas on where it might have gone?


  • CobellCobell REGISTERED Posts: 84
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    Have you spotted or heard any giggling mushroom men around? They like to destroy light sources and knock certain things around, so that is a potential culprit.

    The bubbling sound when you build a fire is odd. Is this at a new site or are you rebuilding your fire pit in the same spot where your cauldron disappeared? Could you check to see if the cauldron is somehow inside the terrain below?

    Sneak Edit: And maybe try just staying in the are and reloading that save. Do any missing cauldrons load in?
  • TronkinTronkin REGISTERED Posts: 15 Seed
    I was wondering if it was the mushroom men! I guess I'll have to be more careful.
    I'll try digging around a bit regarding the other bits just to make sure, but I think your first guess is right.
    Thanks for the help!
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    I was playing with some folks once, and we had various houses around town, one fellows base was a small hut built around a huge mushroom, using it as the roof, it was also in a mushroom man's area. there were 4 of them regularly, he had a forge a cauldron and an anvil placed outside, when I went by his house after a bear ( chasing it with a torch ) on the way back, the mushroom men were dragging off his things!
    I chased them down til they "poofed" in a pile of mushrooms and got hsi belongings back *chuckles*.
    He ended up needing to move.

    Much later and a couple server wipes, I build in a place that slowly started getting more of them, I ended up walling off my area and importing in mountain grass and putting it over the swamp land, I dont think the grass helped much, the wall did though.
  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Lesson of the day: Be wary of what roams the place where you want to settle, kids.
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