lost, i am so small need map/road material/signpost needed

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this is a very addictive game but ....

i am so small
a map would be helpful
a road material (light in colour and allows me to move faster)
signpost and road marker would be great think medieval age type thing and roman markers eg 1 mile from
sign post example
but bound with vines would be cool

no writing needed seeds should learn writing and such stuff in a later age

Roman road marker


  • ZakeZake REGISTERED Posts: 216 Seed
    More features are always being added, but for now, I recommend using landmarks and creativity. Using torches or building statues can help you find your way. There's also a return stone that can be crafted, using alchemy I think.

    Also, if you check the mods section of this forum, you'll see a Lodestaff and a Point of Interest mod (not sure if that's been updated) that might make things easier.

    Not sure what's on the roadmap as far as navigation goes.
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    I always when I venture out make these little stands just close enough in sight to one another out of 4 blocks. so I make a post out of three then have one block facing the direction of the last stand really helps. :lol: :D
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  • CobellCobell REGISTERED Posts: 84
    I tend to do the same with the regular "posts" of voxel blocks. And then if I have the resource, I also start putting torches in them so I can see them at night as well.

    I am also quite fond of the massively high tower with super light up top as a massive beacon light.
  • Warped_filmsWarped_films REGISTERED Posts: 3 Podling
    Same here for the map and using towers are torches for land marks.

    I'd love to be able to locate my base after exploration because the tower only works for small trips. Even a basic compass could help.
  • TronkinTronkin REGISTERED Posts: 15 Seed
    Is there a console command that returns you to your spawnpoint or where you slept last? The mods seem helpful to prevent you from getting lost, but what if you're already hopelessly lost...?
  • CobellCobell REGISTERED Posts: 84
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    Unfortunately not. There is a way to kill yourself (which will respawn you), but you will drop all your items. The command is "/takedamage 100"; type that into the console/chat without the quotes. Note that the number is just how much damage you take, so 100 should be enough to kill you outright.

    One thing you can do is note down the general x, y, z coordinates of your main base in the future, so you could find your way back that way in the future. F2 will cycle through various debug menus, one of which will give you coordinates.

    If you go the /takedamage route, you could note your x, y, z coordinates before you enter the command. That way you can trek back to recover your items. If you have advanced enough to get a Return Stone, you can easily get back to your base as well; just don't forget to set the return point first before you set out.
  • ekohrmanekohrman REGISTERED Posts: 87 Seed
    One trick I've used if I get lost (which is often!), is to load up my world with a new player name and then note the X, Y and Z coordinates as home. That assumes I have built my home near the spawn point, which I usually do. If I wandered away from the spawn point to make my home base and forgot to note the coordinates before I got lost, I'm in deep doo doo.
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  • TronkinTronkin REGISTERED Posts: 15 Seed
    Thanks for the suggestions! Sounds like one of these should work. And I'll definitely have to be more careful next time.
  • ekohrmanekohrman REGISTERED Posts: 87 Seed
    @egork likes to plant coconut trees and place torches on the trunks. Those can be seen from quite a long way away because the torch illuminates the bottom of the palm fronds.
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