How magic should work. (Inspired by ThaumCraft) (New art WIP)

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(Note: This is a very big idea, so prepare for a LOT of reading.)
(Another Note: I changed the "aura" into "Neuria" as Neuria is the official name for the "magic" force in TUG)

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-Clarke's third law


Deep below the level of sub-atomic particles, there exists a strange energy that consists of particles and waves, this energy is known as "Neuria". This "Neuria" has the strange ability to manipulate the physical world in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

Neuria was once thought to be a god or at least some form of divine intervention from the "gods" but, as time went on, it was discovered to be merely a fundamental force in the universe, no different than magnetism or gravity. Therefore, due to lack of spiritual connection, the deeds performed with it are not "magic" in the true sense. However, the things that can be done with it are so amazing that you probably couldn't tell the difference.


How Neuria works:

Neuria is a force that permeates everything in existence. It is invisible, and has characteristics similar to magnetism. The race of seeds that you play as has a special crystal in the back of their left hand, evolved specifically to interface with the Neuria and manipulate it. The Neuria acts as a fuel source for all acts of "magic" It is a precious resource that must be used wisely, seeing that in and of itself, it is a limited resource. Luckily however, it is replenished daily by.....


Neuria nodes:

Neuria Nodes are invisible Neuria distributers (they can be seen however, if you have tech that can reveal them.) They replenish the Neuria in their local area, and distribute it equally all over the loaded world. They usually output Neuria at a neutral charge, however, there are exceptions, if you don't understand what all this talk about charge is, don't worry, I'll explain it right now.


Neuria charge:

Remember how I said that the Neuria has properties similar to magnetism? Well, here's how. The Neuria has a certain level of "charge" ranging from a positive charge to a neutral charge to a negative charge. The charge is basically like the force from Star Wars, the force has a dark side and a light side, so Neuria has a positive charge and a negative charge.

Now, it should be noted that negatively charged Neuria is not inherently evil, nor is positively charged Neuria inherently good. It all depends on what you do with it. However, there are clear differences between the two. Positively charged Neuria is stable, orderly, clean, and safe. Negatively charged Neuria, however, is unstable, wacky, and more dangerous, but it will reap rewards if handled properly.


How Neuria effects biomes:

Neuria effects how biomes behave depending on charge and the level of Neuria itself, for example: A neutraly charged forest biome would have regular plant growth, a normal variety of animal life, and would be relatively safe, however, a more positively charged forest would have faster plant growth, a wider variety of animal life, and would be much safer. On the other hand, a more negatively charged forest would have slower plant growth, fewer and more dangerous varieties of animals, and an overall higher level of danger.


The Taint:

There are other ways that the Neuria can effect biomes. For example, negative Neuria found naturally found in the world is always under the 50% mark. If a player can charge the local Neuria to around 75-100% charge for a long period of time, the area that's negatively charged will begin to twist, change, and mutate. This is what is known as "The Taint"

Here's a picture of some of the local fauna found in the taint.

The Taint contains some of the deadliest creatures in the known world, from seed-eating plants to horribly mutated animals and monsters.
Here's a few

#1: Tainted crawlers

(These were originally from Thaumcraft, they were spider-like mobs, but I thought that was a little cliché so I changed them into a more termite-like mob.)

These disgusting little creatures can be found crawling all over tainted swamps. They come from tainted egg sacs. If you are near a tainted egg sac and are moving too quickly, the egg will hatch and tainted crawlers will come after you.

Tainted crawlers have 3 attacks. The first is a bite attack in which the tainted crawler will chop you with its mandibles. The second attack is a sting attack which will poison you. The third attack is much more severe. The tainted crawler will jump up and try to latch onto your face! After latching on, the crawler will proceed to bite and sting you. You'll have to shake them off quickly since they can do a massive amount of damage in a short amount of time.

On death. tainted crawlers can drop tainted goo, a tainted stinger, tainted exoskeleton shards, and possibly a crawler head.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "These things are horrible and scary! I just peed myself just reading about these things! :( " But, these things aren't all bad. If you can manage to slowly move up toward an egg sac and destroy it, it will hatch tainted maggots. You can either.....

A: Destroy these little abominations and get some tainted goo, or......

B: Raise these things, feed them tainted goo/tainted fruit, and watch as they grow into fully tamed adult taint crawlers. Which you can then order around and get them to latch onto someone else's face! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

#2: Tainted Moths

These 4-winged tainted moths can be found in tainted forest, tainted swamp, and tainted jungle biomes. These tainted creatures can attack in 3 different ways. The first attack is a poison spit in which, obviously, they spit poison at you. The second attack has a larger radius of effect. The moth will flap its wings hard in order to shake off a cloud of poisonous, paralyzing, tainted dust. On the third type of attack, the moth will try to suck your blood with it's long mouth (which, by the way, can extend in order to reach you.

The moths are fast but are very susceptible to damage. Just shoot down or hit it with your sword to knock it out of the air for good. The parts you can harvest from this creature are eyestalks, wings (No, you can't use them to fly. Don't ask.) And tainted goo.

If you want to tame some, you'll have to do it when they're tainterpillers, seeing as destroying a cacoon will kill the growing moths instantly.

(I will add more tainted mobs as I come up with them.)

How biomes effect the Neuria:

The relationship of Neuria and biomes is not one way however, as biomes can also have an effect on the Neuria. Biomes themselves naturally decrease and use up the local Neuria, whether acts of "magic" are being performed or not. Biomes also have an effect on the charge of the Neuria. All biomes shift the charge of the Neuria naturally, both negatively and positively Example: A biome is more positively charged at one point in time, then, a few minutes later, the charge is more negative. The strength and tendency of charge shifts depend on the type of biome, and the level of violence (activity) the biome has. Biomes also effect how well you can channel/use the Neuria. More violent biomes (Oceans, Volcanos, the core etc.) allow for more Neuria manipulation, on the other hand, more peaceful biomes (Snow biomes/deserts etc.) are much more stable and require more effort to manipulate the aura.

Here's a picture explaining what I mean.

Here's some lists of some biomes that are "peaceful" "neutral" and "violent"

Peaceful biomes:

-snowy biomes

Neutral biomes:

-oceans (depending on weather)

Violent biomes

-oceans (depending on weather)
-the core
-any biome that has a natural disaster occurring


How Neuria effects the seeds:

If a seed dabbles enough in either positive or negative Neuria, it will eventually effect their physiology.

Here's a pic.

If a seed dabbles in or is around high levels of positive Neuria for a long period of time, their eyes will turn bright blue, their gems will turn a brilliant white color, and wherever they go, they shift the local Neuria toward the positive end.

On the other hand, if a seed dabbles or is exposed to negatively charged Neuria for long periods of time, their eyes will lose their white glow and turn a deep shade of black, their crystals will turn a sick purple color and shatter, as they were never meant to hold so much negativity, and wherever they go, they shift the Neuria toward the negative end.

Whenever a positively charged seed and a negatively charged seed meet up in the same area, the Neuria's charge will begin to fluctuate wildly. Sometimes even to the point of disaster!

The mutations in seeds can be reversed. If a positively charged seed exposes himself to negative Neuria, or stays away from positive aura for long enough, he will return to his normal state. Same goes for a negatively charged seed.


Items I came up with:

#1: Neuria crystal

Neuria crystals are found naturally in the world. Neuria crystals are basically Neuria batteries. They carry a certain amount of Neuria with either a positive charge, a negative charge, or a neutral charge (although neutral crystal clusters are never found naturally) The crystals can be used in crafting recipies, increase your characters base Nueria (fuel), and can be used to charge the local Nueria. Neuria crystal clusters will drop shards that have the same amount of charge that the crystal cluster had (Example: a 50% positively charged cluster will drop 2-3 50% positively charged crystal shards) When you use up all the positive or negative Nueria in the shard, it will turn into a neutral crystal shard. The neutral crystal shard can either be recharged positively or negatively, or it can be ground up into neutral crystal dust, which can be used to grow neutral crystal shard clusters.

#2: The Bright bloom (Based of Thaumcraft's ethereal bloom)

The bright bloom is crafted at an alchemy table with grass seeds and an Neuria crystal. When crafted, the seed will take 25% of the crystal's Neuria. When planted, the bright bloom will charge the local Neuria positively. Also, another bright bloom seed will grow on the top of the plant, when harvested however, the plant will immediately die (in order to prevent players from duplicating) Howerver, if you add more charge to the seed when crafting, it will give more seeds before it dies. (one seed per 25% charge) This can be done up to 5 times.

The bloom seed can also be mashed up into Bright Neuria powder, which can be used to make Neuria potions (more on that later)

#3: The Dark bloom

The Dark bloom behaves almost the exact same way as the Bright bloom, but charges the Neuria negatively instead of positively. Also, when you grind up it's seed, it doesn't give you tainted neuria powder outright, it instead gives tainted mush (tainted mush also comes from harvesting plants and mobs in the taint) To craft tainted neuria powder, craft regular nueria powder with tainted mush.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Hope you guys like the idea.


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