Use CD Keys from account page on Steam

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Should the TUG CD Keys on the account page be allowed to be used on Steam for Easier access to the game for users who got the game before it was on steam

Use CD Keys from account page on Steam 6 votes

Yes, allow keys to be used on Steam
UnheardSirenJakeman6299 2 votes
No (insert reason here)
CharlockekohrmanPixelDragon13Hoppa_Joel 4 votes
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  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    No (insert reason here)
    I voted no, because if TUG moves away from Steam in the future then we'd be at the mercy of steam launcher being up to play a game. Take for instance some of the MMO's out there tat have normal methods of connecting and also chose to connect via steam, requires steam client to be up and running if you installed from steam. So if steam is down, and your game still running, you still cant play your game unless you've installed another client via the official game site. ( anywhere from 5gb to 30gb these days )

    Now, I am fine either way, really but being tied to steam is difficult at times.
    Just some thoughts. :)
  • CharlockCharlock REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 293 Seed
    No (insert reason here)
    Also a resounding "NO" here. The less I'm forced to deal with Steam, the better.
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  • ShadeeShadee REGISTERED, ADMINISTRATORS, Moderator, Developers Posts: 402 Seed
    The stand-alone keys were created by our own system, so they're not Steam keys and Steam wouldn't accept them. That said, Kickstarter backers and early Paypal backers were e-mailed a separate complimentary Steam key. If you were one of those early backers but did not receive your key (I know Gmail especially, was known to auto-filter a bunch of those e-mails into people's Spam folder back then), feel free to send a message to [email protected] and we can retrieve it for you. :)
  • ekohrmanekohrman REGISTERED Posts: 87 Seed
    No (insert reason here)
    I'm not a big Steam fan either.
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