Server overloads/crashes: pinpointing issues?

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So we've tried several things to lessen lag and crashes, our last thing we asked for was a fresh server reset, and we decided to build as a community together.
But not too many days into the building and we are seeing crashes again.

Here is what I think is going on:

By pressing f2 you can see 2 Entries Bodies and motions. both seem to cap at 4096.
It seems average, in a heavy forested area you are about 2200 bodies, and motions are roughly 900.
In a less busy area, say desert or Savannah, you are looking at around 1200 bodies, and 500 or less motions.
Now, a chest 'seems' to control some of this, ( or a basket ) they I am assuming turn the object into data while in the chest. However soon as you open a chest, the objects in it, are suddenly counted again by the bodies list.

I think this is why some times we see server crashes from opening chests.

Also, using the return stone, suddenly does a count on all bodies in the area for the person porting, and BOOM it overloads the server.

Slow travel doesn't do this as you are entering the area block a small bit at a time.

Initially, My thoughts were that if we stayed "close" to each other, we'd avoid crashes.
However finding that body counter leads me to these other thoughts now.

So, what to do, whats our solution?

Return stones are dangerous magic. Even after you port, if you manage to crash the server the roll back will keep you where you were.

So whats our solution?
Z placeables, food dropped, anything dropped and unattended, these become more bodies to count. When they get to around 3000 or more, then the area becomes unstable it seems and we see more server crashes.

I am not sure how to count a "land block" they are huge, but my guess is they are probably 4096 blocks in volume? Justa guess. and I am not a maths guy so I dunno how many blocks across the top it would be.
knowing a land block in length would be helpful as we could sort of count those blocks as chunks we could maintain a bodies count in.

For example, if our placeable goal is no more than say, 2800 then a forest which starts from 2200 only leaves 600 placeables, while a desert could be more.

So, for a solution to maintain a crash free server ( or lessen the crashes ) we may have to change our habits some.

Destroying dangerous magic... return stones.

Set your bed location away from a lot of placables. If you die and pop back to a full area the stress of your arrival could crash server.

Building close is fine, I think, as long as the body counts aren't crazy. ( 2800ish? )

I think if you build close enough to see something on the horizon, you are probably safe that you aren't making too high a count.

Void baskets should be made, and used to destroy excess cobble, and grass that you arent using.

Basket around existing food supplies instead of creating a massive farm.

All this, saddens me.

Playing together, and seeing other peoples builds is fun. Limiting ourselves so much, that the game isn't enjoyable is sad.

This could be server factors.
But I thought i'd sorta let folks know what seems to be going on here.

Maybe the devs will see this and come up with a solution.


  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    am I right thinking that every 684 blocks from any "center" should be outside that land-block, and pretty much, the out of that central lag zone?
    Like I said not a maths guy hehe.

    If this is right, then maybe spacing and watching counts could save us from dreaded crashes.

    placed blocks ( normal not Z, as in terrain blocks, like thatch, wood, cobble, stone, etc ) do not seem to add to the bodies count, only placables do.
    So it may even be possible to do one massive build together, as long as the number count didnt sky rocket.
    For example, every 700 blocks could have a decorated location, imagine a large massive town, with smaller buildings and then every so often a hub.

    I dunno, maybe I am thinking wrong.

    I enjoy playing with folks a lot more than alone...

    I just wanna find a happy solution hehe.
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