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I understood that when you had the supplies in your personal inventory (on your person) that the recipe for things that you can make should appear in the journal? That's not happening, at least not for everything. I was trying to make a neuria gauntlet and nothing from bracers to the gauntlet would show up until each successive ingredient had actually been made. So, it works fine for remembering recipes but not for researching, at least in that branch of the recipes and in my particular game.

Now possible things that might be going on after I discussed it with my wife who also plays TUG is that:
1. The crafting table kept trying to force me to make vine shoulder wraps which I didn't want because supplies were low and they are merely a decoration. If they don't actually do anything I don't want to waste the supplies on it. Maybe that is a trigger for the bracer recipe and everything that uses bracer and subsequent crafted items?
2. She says that she's had to drop the gear and pick it up to unlock the next recipe in a chain of recipes where one item is an ingredient for the next? She says making it and picking up off the crafting station doesn't always work, that you have to pick it up off the floor.
3. Maybe it's because I'm playing in a world with a character that existed before the journal was created? I'll try making a new world.

Edited: I think it's number 3. When I started a new world the journal seems to be functioning


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    Currently, recipe unlocks in the journal are a mix of player actions/crafts and player inventory. Most will unlock based on ingredients, but some are locked behind some previous component crafts. It's a first go at it, so it'll be refined in the future.

    1) Crafting tends to try to make the most complex thing based on everything on the floor, so if you're trying to make something specific, you'll have the most luck placing the exact component numbers on the floor.

    2) Hmm, that's an oddity, does she recall what recipe(s) this was occurring with?

    3) The existing world shouldn't matter beyond that you are already established so some recipes might be locked behind something you've already created and already have in inventory. Some recipes are locked behind an on pick up event rather than its existence in your inventory, so likely your character just ran afoul of the system being put in.

    If you feel like digging through the various crafting components and reqs, those files exist in the \Game\Core\Data\Crafting directory.
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