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So, from what I've gathered, Nerd Kingdom is in the process of totally revamping what they are doing with the game. I read over the reddit, watched the brain vomits. Read over some stuff on the site and forum. Before I get into my thoughts on that, I'd like to mention something else:

My first post and only time on this forum was after I bought the game. You can see it here: http://forum.nerdkingdom.com/discussion/2122/false-advertisement#latest. What was amazing and shocking was the promptness of a reply from a developer, and the super quick fix that happened after. This was amazing and made me totally cool with supporting the Nerd Kingdom team as well as suggest the game to friends.

Back to topic. I will wait a year, two years, or more for this game to be made into the quality game the development team has spoken about since the news started pouring out about current plans for development. First impressions mean a whole hell of a lot, and the impression you made on me... Left me speechless and hopeful. It's hard to put faith into game developers now-a-days. So many are shady and money grabbing.

Thank you for showing there are still good people in business still. I would gladly pay for the new version you come up with, rather than having the free-to-play model. I would gladly spend money in the in game store after paying for the game - twice. Hell, I'd have to pay for the game three times so my son (who already enjoys the game), and my wife can play together. Anyways. . .

Michael A. Herrera

PS: Born and raised in South East San Diego - 619 * Sur Trece ***1904. For the L.A. dudes on the team. Thanks again.


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    +1 to this. +1000. This post mirrors my thoughts almost exactly. Very well stated and welcome back to the forum!

    There is a lot of stuff going on within the modding community of TUG at the moment and hopefully for the year or so it takes for us to get our grubby, little hands on the OpenGL version. If you're interested, you should definitely stick around and see what shakes loose. :smile:
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    No amount of community inactivity, no absence of updates on the game build, nothing can be daunting enough to stop these developers from developing or taking away their virtuous tendency.
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