Fell into cobblestone

egorkegork REGISTERED Posts: 139 Seed
I was in the vakari server exploring, looking for coconuts and making cobblestone spires (upside down L's to point the way back home. My easiest technique has begun to be point (look) directly at the ground that I'm standing on and jump while spamming right click with stone. After 4-5 are stacked, step off and place the pointer of the stone. It had been going well until the last one that I placed, before stepping off I fell into the column of stone. The column is too high for me to jump out of and I don't have a pick on me.

I may need to try following the markers with a new character and breaking the last column and see if that frees the little dude. I tried quitting out and reloading and still wind up stuck inside what is now a transparent column of cobblestone


  • egorkegork REGISTERED Posts: 139 Seed
    Took a new character out to the site and broke apart the column. That succeeded in releasing the 1st character when I reloaded it.
  • egorkegork REGISTERED Posts: 139 Seed
    Happened again. This time I had tools with me but could not break out from the inside. However again, taking another character to the site, the second character could break out the 1st character.
  • egorkegork REGISTERED Posts: 139 Seed
    Happened again, only this time after the second character broke the column and reloaded the first character he fell through the earth then landed back in the column at a deeper depth. 2nd character broke that portion and 1st character was freed
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