Spell Crystals

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Hi everyone it's me Demi again with another Random Topic
this time it's Spell Crystals (Non-Canon) "yet"

so instead of telling you in a long story what these are and how they work im going to simple post

the Convensation from TuG's Skype chat on which this topic was brought up , so plz be patient and read over the contents :3

[2:43:29 PM] Demi Devimon: IDEA instead of Spell scrolls we can us "spell Crytals"

[2:43:47 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: I'm just saying, if the cost is high then the benefit could be increased in proportion

[2:43:50 PM] The Arcanian: crystallized spells?

[2:43:53 PM] Demi Devimon: yes

[2:45:07 PM] Demi Devimon: umm the crystal would need to be activevated the same way a scroll is

[2:45:14 PM] Demi Devimon: or just shatter it

[2:45:27 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: embed crystal into other hand

[2:45:46 PM] Demi Devimon: im thinking for more practical uses ymo

[2:46:03 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: ?

[2:46:11 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: What kinds of uses?

[2:47:05 PM] Demi Devimon: like instead of casting fireball u throw a spell crystal at them and it explodes on contact

[2:47:17 PM] Demi Devimon: or purifiing water even

[2:47:26 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: So kinda like magic grenades?

[2:47:30 PM] Demi Devimon: yes and no

[2:47:46 PM] Demi Devimon: u can actavate them normaly

[2:47:58 PM] Demi Devimon: just like spell scrolls so u dont lose the crystal

[2:48:08 PM] Demi Devimon: and its more refined

[2:48:14 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: I've usually encountered only one-use spell scrolls

[2:48:37 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: So what are the drawbacks? These reusable crystals sound like a much better deal than casting magic.

[2:48:40 PM] Demi Devimon: the throwing is for insta results but they would be lesser

[2:48:43 PM] The Arcanian: hmm, i kinda am developing the opinion that stating with combat applications is the wrong way to go about it

[2:49:02 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: (same here, but if a concept is designed for combat then eh.)

[2:49:14 PM] Demi Devimon: one charge per crystal and they stay base no bonus power from Stats

[2:49:16 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: (it'd be more interesting to hear what kind of clever trickery you could pull)

[2:49:49 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: So they're reusable but require a charge? Where does one get the charge?

[2:50:09 PM] Demi Devimon: a spell caster would ahve to charge it for them

[2:50:31 PM] Demi Devimon: and a Crysalcrafter would have to make it (the Spell Crystal)

[2:50:39 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: I sees.

[2:50:46 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: That's starting to sound more feasible.

[2:50:47 PM] Demi Devimon: i like that word "CrystalCrafter"

[2:51:02 PM] The Arcanian: i like the idea of magic tools that can be used in clever ways (or blunt ways) to cause harm,
blades were originally a tool until we realized we could cut each other

[2:51:06 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: kind of like utility magic for people who can't be arsed to learn.
or mages who want to have tricks up their sleeves.

[2:55:06 PM] The Arcanian: so to fuse demi and my ideas: a fire crystal that can be set to a normal reaction for the purpose of heating (like a forge or something), then people figure out that they can make it react faster for something more akin to a generic fire spell (maybe by chipping the crystal in some manner?), or could be thrown/shattered for a bomb like effect.
[3:03:43 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: My thoughts on craft level and item quality etc

-amount of spell charge

-power of spell (spells themselves could be divided into categories, so you couldn't put say,
giant explosion volcano satan spell into a tiny crappy gem or it'd break)


-usability of spells (maybe a chipped or a poorly crafted gem wouldn't allow you to do stuff like release the power slowly,
or it'd be unevenly distributed [kinda like a heat crystal that occasionally goes lukewarm and occasionally scalding hot])


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    yes, magic users and those to use magic crystals would be an interesting distinction, then you get magic uses that use their own magic magic crystals, the meta it real
    [3:09:10 PM] Demi Devimon: also just so we get a nice scale of things a spell crystal that can change the weather would need to be about the size of a tree
    [3:09:52 PM] The Arcanian: or a big bolder/small mountain
    [3:10:02 PM] Demi Devimon: and war spells are BIG NO NOES for crystals
    [3:10:15 PM] Demi Devimon: to much strain on the crystal
    [3:10:25 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: i can already imagine the Supercrystal Conduit building
    [3:10:37 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: It's got a giant crystal in the middle and ten small ones in a circle
    [3:10:47 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: all channeling power for the Ultimate L33t doomhax spell
    [3:10:58 PM] The Arcanian: make an entire castle out of crystals, be untouchable
    [3:10:58 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: a spell that is impossible to perform without dying
    [3:11:01 PM] Demi Devimon: like i said warspells are no noes
    [3:11:09 PM] Ymo/Ymedron: as it requires so much power
    [3:11:41 PM] Demi Devimon: *crack*
    [3:13:41 PM | Edited 3:13:59 PM] The Arcanian: id say war spells (big powerful spells like a flame pillar in the middle of a battlefield right?) could not be held in a crystal but might need to be channeled through one
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    shameless self bump
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    Necroforumancy on yourself? Are you a forums lich?
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    Otherwise, interesting chattery here. I guess staves could be a development of this kind of magic usage.
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    woot someone out of all the 200 some odd viewers actually post a reply XD
    only took a year .
    but yeah it was and still is a really interesting idea
    Wingidon said:

    Necroforumancy on yourself? Are you a forums lich?

    and no im a Demi the Reanimater
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    I just got back on today, A lot has changed I see. The Crystals seem like a grand idea and i like their Utility purposes. "I'm black smithing and I see wildlife approach. The weapon I am currently forging is in no way battle-ready. So I grab my trusty SearingCrystal which has kept me warm and my furnace hot to defend myself and or maybe scare away the predator."


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