Mod Jam Wrap up

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Hey Everyone,

I thought it'd be nice to share a little bit of our mod jam last weekend.

We decide on making an electro Gauntlet.
Wondering which crystal corresponded with air neuria/magic, we went for Bluey crystal second from the left.

After a little bit of setup we had the gauntlet spawning some fireballs.

With a little bit of coding and a texture from Meldrix we had the gauntlet shooting.

There was some strange things happening with goats.

Which did end up in a cool looking buff.

Pixel did some cool as artwork.

But we didn't quite get to finish it the way we wanted. We were trying to keep the particle charging/scaling up in the seeds hand. Atm we've got it staying in the seeds hands and following the seed around. Shooting and applying the right debuff are the next parts that need to happen on the code side of things.

I think we did all good. After we finish up the mod, I think I'll give myself a little bit more time to complete the next one.

Cheers all.

edit: Oh and here's a link to the github repo if anyone would like to remix or improve it
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