• TeddyTeddy REGISTERED Posts: 30 Seed
    -Dons imaginary top hat-

    'Ello folks, I'm Teddy or Teddy the psycho. I found out about tug when it was still in Kickstarter but sadly i didn't support the kickstarter, but finnaly i've decided to buy the game and be a part of the community for this awesome game from now on! :3

    I still gotta get my bearings round this forums and get my profile up n running but i hope to have a great time with this game and this community in general x3

    Well, that's it i guess.. Teddy out o3o
  • YumaYuma REGISTERED Posts: 1
    Hoi you seedlings

    that letter from the dev kinda cut my standard 7 day valuationperiod for games that jump at me suddenly to "now".
    tug and i had a difficult start but now it runs.. and i think i fell in love somewhat more than expected.

    i'm your odd guy from switzerland and i am a gamer, ever was.
    if a creation lures me to immerse i dont care if the components are made of paper, metal or strings of code, if its played indoors or out in the wilds, alone or with others.
  • RinRin REGISTERED Posts: 668 Seed
    welcome to the party Yuma, hope ya like it!
    we have some lion-meat over there, and some goat meat over here, and some pumpkins, gourds, cherries... oh, and we've got the village elders telling a story right over there, past the thingamajigger re-evo made. i have no idea what that thing is, and knowing re, i don't want to know.
    Warthunder, TUG and world of tanks fan/beta tester.
    member of The Lemurian empire and the Merchants guild
    Soon to be alchemist/apothecary in TUG
  • Lukky3mLukky3m REGISTERED Posts: 44 Seed
    Well. Hello everyone!, i'm new here... i just bought the game for 3 days.. but i didn't had the chance to try it yet.. and i hope i can stay active on forum XD, and maybe do some friends too (y). so it is, Nice to meet U.
  • lucidtimlucidtim REGISTERED Posts: 1
    Just saying hello, bought Tug today through steam. I'm a long time gamer and love these types of games. I'll be hanging out here now and then. See you all :)
  • PamcakesPamcakes REGISTERED Posts: 738
    Hello Lucid :D
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • Lukky3mLukky3m REGISTERED Posts: 44 Seed
    Welcome Lucid (y)
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    Wingidon wrote:
    Also, anything related to Big Hat Logan in your username?
    How did I miss this... God, I cant be a true dark souls fan any more D:
  • NareikhNareikh REGISTERED Posts: 4 Podling
    Hello all.

    That new fangled Steam recommend contraption waved this game at me this morning and it was intriguing enough for me to look into. It didn't take long for me to fall thoroughly in love with it.

    It's extremely charming. I love the theme. I love the game design - what's there and what they say is coming. There's not quite enough there for me to play it yet but I bought it and will be keeping a very close eye on it.

    I have the very highest of hopes for this game.
  • PegBeardPegBeard REGISTERED Posts: 6 Podling
    Ahoy all.
    This is my first time posting on the forums, though I have been here quite a while.
    I bought TUG many a moon past, but being the anti-social creature I am, I never felt the need to introduce myself.
    Recently, I have been utterly enthralled playing TUG and thought it was about time I gave a good old fashioned introduction, as I would like to be a bit more involved in the community.

    If you are interested, this is my Twitter: - where you can get a better Idea of me.

    I look forward to interacting with you.
    Thank you for your time.
  • subbobsubbob REGISTERED Posts: 9
    Hi All. I supported TUG back in May 2013 during the Kickstarter.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to run the game until a few day ago as my video card didn't support DirectX 11.

    I have a programming background, and look forward to extending the functionality of TUG.
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    Welcome errybody
  • FlyingDebrisFlyingDebris REGISTERED Posts: 45 Seed
    Just realized I never got around to introducing myself.

    Hello, I'm Debris, artist/leader/suggester/author, and I like TUG a lot.

    Once multiplayer comes online, I intend to start a trading/architect firm, with a bit of security work on the side.

    I've been lurking for a good amount of time, occasionally posting here and there, but up until now my time was mostly taken up by my faction in another game which I have successfully run for 2+ years until retiring and handing over command to another member. Now that I don't have to worry about all that, I can get back into the wonderful world of TUG! Nothing large-scale at first, I don't want to be in the same position I was, but I want to try and make things fun for everyone.

    Happy Hunting!
    Happy hunting~
  • ginbombayginbombay REGISTERED Posts: 2 Podling
    Hi Tugmans!
    I´m Matias (IGN ginbombay), im from Argentina and i use google translator, i hope it works well =)

    I like games that use procedural and moldable worlds (minecraft, 7dtd, planet explores, new everquest, etc.)
    im a web developer, my hobby is 3d moddeling and play games and a hope find good people with which to play.

    cya ig!
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    If I didnt get you guys before, welcome to our group.
  • xx_hodgiexx_hodgie REGISTERED Posts: 28 Seed
    Hey Everyone I'm Xx_Hodgie!(nickname from friends, not ethnicity) I love free to play your way games and I'm hoping for a more RP style of play in this game. In which I can truly delve deep into my role in whatever world I find myself in. I find Alchemy in all games fun and who doesn't like the jingle jangle of some gold or whatever in-game currency we shall have.

    p.s. Should I find myself on a heavy pop server after I set up shop will gladly help in construction of Roads between player towns and shops in hopes that it encourages actual factions with lucrative trade ventures
  • AmonostAmonost REGISTERED Posts: 111 Seed
    Welcome, welcome one and all!
  • StilleVandeStilleVande REGISTERED Posts: 81 Seed
    Hello everyone,

    I am StilleVande, and I'm an RPG addict. xD Seriously, out of all the genres of games, RPG's are probably the best out there. I've even hosted a few NWN PRC PW's worlds in the past.

    I live in Dallas, TX, and I'm a Linux Systems Engineer by trade. I've hosted multitudes of gameservers in the past (NWN/PRC servers, L4D2, Starbound, Terreria, Beasts of Prey, yadda ya). Since NWN, there hasn't been an RPG game that gives the player base the capability to make their own world, their own way.... *with* the ability to modify scripting, adding additional textures, integrate third party add-on "haks" (I'm showing my age here. :p), etc.

    I'm stoked! Where do I sign up?

    Honestly, if I put in my 2 cents anywhere, it will most likely be over the dedicated server side (sql database connectivity, multi threaded binary to make use of all cores, OS testing and verification, etc).

    Hope to meet everyone soon!
    Seriously, it's Faroese for Calm Water. - StilleVande
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    I don't know what to do with all these new people
  • StilleVandeStilleVande REGISTERED Posts: 81 Seed
    Embrace it fully Re Evolution, embrace it. :p
    Seriously, it's Faroese for Calm Water. - StilleVande
  • RiggyRiggy REGISTERED Posts: 23 Seed
    Hello, this is my first post here. I found out about this game about a week ago and purchased it on Steam. I hope to be able to help find issues and contribute to the alpha/beta process.
  • ZaCormyrZaCormyr REGISTERED Posts: 16 Seed
    I suppose this is where I would say hi... Hi! Looks good so far devs! Haven't been in game yet but shall do tonight. I'm a family man so don't get all that much time to game. I love to come up with ideas for games so.. you guys will be seeing me in the suggestions soon enough once I get caught up with what's going on. Hope I can get in on one of those community vs devs! :D
  • AzureAzure REGISTERED Posts: 4
    Hello, I'm Azure, from NSW Australia!~ (^w^)/

    LORE in a minute piqued my interest, so I bought a copy on steam yesterday and gave it a bit of a run between sessions of FF XIV, and must say that I like what I see; I'm a bit of a fan of MC (Vanilla was fun for a while, but I really got into Skyblock, and later Skylands with Movecraft), and the Zelda games, so it's interesting to see something that kinda meshes them together. I'm keen to see more of what this current version of TUG has to offer, and very interested in what is planned for the future! ^w^
  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    ZaCormyr wrote:
    Hope I can get in on one of those community vs devs! :D
    If we ever have them again. 'sigh'

    Anyways, welcome aboard.
  • etrius619etrius619 REGISTERED Posts: 2 Podling
    Hey all,

    Seeing as a lot of people are introducing themselves here I thought I ought to do so too. I'm looking to get tug, possibly with a few friends and decided I'd join the community while getting the money together.

    Most people online know me as Etrius, or just E. I'm Welsh. I'm a writer and I enjoy a bit of gaming, particularly things that allow me to be a bit creative.

    There's not much more to say really, I'm not good at these introductions so if you want to know anything else drop me a line.
  • WalletGod21WalletGod21 REGISTERED Posts: 42 Seed
    Hello there my name is WalletGod I am a fan of MH3 I plan on being a Warlock in tug.
    (thats all I'm bad at introducing myself)
  • Warped_filmsWarped_films REGISTERED Posts: 3 Podling
    Hi, I just picked up the game from humble bundle and after doing a video some one recommended I stop by.

    Even though I spent about 2 hours wandering in the wilderness I have to say I am really enjoying myself, for the first time I feel like I can discover the game and not need to track down guides just to survive the first 10 minutes.

    Although I'd like to know what that laughing child noise is...
  • RyleRyle REGISTERED Posts: 1 Podling
    Might as well use my first post to say hi to everyone , so hi! As for about me, i'm Ryle , i love exploring lore, and somethimes creating it, i'm fond of history and well, gaming obviously... and that's why i'm here, to explore the lore and the history of this world, and to maybe create some of my own in various ways. I'm from Belgium (the flemish part), so my mother tongue is Dutch but i can speak French, English and german too... that's about it really.



  • Re EvolutionRe Evolution REGISTERED Posts: 1,105 Seed
    Welcome aboard. Things are rather slow right now, due to the community basically waiting for new updates and such, but there tends to be a couple lurkers here and there (myself included). There are a couple threads in the lore section where some of the community have been trying to tear apart said lore for a while now. If you want to go see if you can help with the ruining of the dev's attempts at keeping the lore hidden, have a blast. Or you can just browse to your hearts content.

    Anyways, welcome! :smile:
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