Getting player stamina when he dies

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I was trying to check if the player died when he was starving by using
LocalPlayer.Die = function (self, source) local deathCause = "Health" if Player.m_energy <= 0.0 then deathCause = "Starve" end LocalPlayer_Die(self, source) end

(I get the Player from another function, it is the player Pawn)

However, when I try this I get the error: attempt to compare table with number.
I don´t quite understand what is the problem. Is m_energy part of an array??
I know it is a property from the Survival Player class, but the Local_Player inherit this class, so I should be able to access it right?


  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    Had a quick look through BasePlayer.lua and it seems like m_energy is a table, try Player.m_engery:Value()
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  • marceloSRmarceloSR REGISTERED Posts: 47 Seed
    Thank you, Rawr, it worked out!

    However it is strange, because on the survival player script they compare the energy without addressing it as a table value

    if self.m_energy <= 0.0 then -- TODO: needs porting --m_status |= eStatusStarving; if self.m_health / self.m_maxHealth < 0.33 then self.m_triggerHurtEffects = true else self.m_triggerHurtEffects = false end self:ModifyHealth(-1.0) else

    But as long as it is working it should be fine! haha
  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    Good question.
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    wow, yeah that logic doesn't do anything. Looks like it's old left over code from back when m_energy was a number variable.

    Here is the function (BasePlayer:_UpdateEnergy) responsible for starving:
    -- Called once a frame to update the state of the player's energy.
    function BasePlayer:_UpdateEnergy( dt )
    -- Increment the one second energy timer.
    self.m_energyTimer = self.m_energyTimer + dt

    -- If it's time to tick energy.
    if self.m_energyTimer >= 1.0 then


    -- Reset the timer
    -- TODO: Aren't we losing any overflow time from the current dt by doing it this way?
    self.m_energyTimer = 0.0

    -- Are we starving?
    if self.m_energy:Value() <= 0.0 then
    self:ApplyDamage({ damage = 1.0, category = "Starving" })
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  • MaylyonMaylyon REGISTERED, Developers Posts: 1 Developer
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    I like the "TODO" in that code. Wouldn't it just need to decrement by 1.0? :p
  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    There's definitely some quality comments around the place :chuffed:
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  • marceloSRmarceloSR REGISTERED Posts: 47 Seed
    hahaha, ok.
    I'm glad I found something that you can remove to make the code cleaner :p
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