Unofficial modding chat channel

Red AgliatorRed Agliator REGISTERED Posts: 307 Seed
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I'd like to announce an unofficial chat channel for TUG modders. A place for us to find each other, learn about modding, and create!

You don't need to have made a texture, model, or script to join the channel: everybody needs to learn!

You'll need a Skype account to join. You can contact @PixelDragon13 or me and give us your Skype handle so we can invite you. (Click the Inbox button at the top of the forums to create a new PM. Oh, and Pixel understands Dutch and Fries if you prefer those languages.)

(Of course there are the usual disclaimers about being kind to one another, not disrupting chat, and so on. But I think all of you already know those.) :)


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