Custom Creatures Spawn Upside Down

CharlockCharlock REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 293 Seed
I'm seeing some strange behavior in a mod I am working on to add a custom creature to TUG. I have all of the scripting done and the models are ready, but when I /spawn my creature into the game it's completely inverted (legs sticking straight up into the air, head clipped into the ground).

The creature can walk/run just fine, but it's upside down! I can't, for the life of me, figure out why this is happening.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful!
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  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Did you... perharps... create it upside-down by accident?
  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    Does flipping the model sort the issue?
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