Sever slow down with epic builds

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So I don't have the best connection speed to the servers that are set up in the US (I assume). But I average a good playable pace at about 250 - 320ms latency. However if I enter into areas of the map that have 'epic' builds with a lot of details as well as placed objects (Dooy's Inn on 's server is a perfect example - it is very close to the spawn point at the center of of all the palm trees) - I start to get intense slow down from the server, and terrain generation issues where the server is taking a long time to feed my client the terrain information. Objects slowly pop into existence over time, and if I am in this object/terrain intense area it can take minutes for a command to pick up, place, or interact with an object to be executed by the server; even once the area is fully loaded. My latency though never changes. I can run out of the area, and am fine again.

What's the deal there? Is my latency just manageable for areas that aren't as populated or is it something else?


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    I did actually do a video recording of just how ridiculous this issue is, and never got around to uploading it.

    I've thrown it on YouTube for the Dev's to take a look at. My latency is not 'the best' but there is no difference in my latency when the server/client is struggling to exchange simple action information in an object heavy environment, and one that is just run of the mill terrain that hasn't been over-populated by objects. I've included latency references in the video as well.

    Actions take about a minute to execute on this video, but there are parts of terrain where I have faced wait times of 10 minutes (but a video to show this would be a bit over the top) so a 1 minute delay is more than enough for the example.

    There's also some weird object 'void' happening there which just randomly occurred (where there should be gourds but aren't), and when the gourds were placed into said void they also disappeared.
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    Yea hey, i think the dev's identified this issue. Check out 0.8.7 and let us know how it goes.
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