Nerd Kingdom IRC Channels Info & Rules

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Hey Everyone!

We are excited to announce we just launched a couple of channels on #TUG and #TUGDev

Both channels are fully open to the public so come in and chat with us and other TUG fans.

For people new to IRC, I will be posting steps in the near future on how to get started with IRC.

Nerd Kingdom IRC Public Channel Rules
-Rules are subject to change
-Personal issues, with modders or members alike, should be discussed in private.
-No offensive, rude or abusive behavior towards others will not be tolerated
-No pornography or other Not Safe For Work/Life (NSFW/NSFL) content
-No advertising
-No form of flooding or spamming - warning/channel kick
-No impersonating other members, developers or admins
-No misleading links allowed
-Operators can kick or ban any user for any reason at any time without prior warning

Penalties, in no particular order
-Warning or Channel Kick
-Temp Bans
-Permanent Bans

#TUG Rules:
Tug is a general chat channel for TUG fans. Pretty much any topic can be discussed here, TUG related or not, so long as the general rules are not violated

#TUGDev Rules:
This is to discuss modding in TUG. Must remain on-topic to modding. All other off-topic chat should be directed to #TUG

By joining Nerd Kingdom's IRC Chat, you agree that:
1) Nerd Kingdom isn't responsible for the opinions or views expressed by users in this chat.
2) Nerd Kingdom can't be held liable for any content created by users in this chat.
3) Any view, opinion, statement, or content expressed by Nerd Kingdom in this chat does not constitute any legal contract.
4) You will follow the rules expressed above in this post


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