Need help to build a New TUG Bronze Sword!

josiah-gamingjosiah-gaming REGISTERED Posts: 19 Seed
Hello everyone! (man it has been a while since I did anything on this forum) I have returned to the forum to seek help from another seedling because I may have possibly accidentally broken my original bronze TUG sword... okay, so I was swinging it around and the handle totally broke, but hey, if you had a bronze TUG sword you would swing it around all the time too. The original was made from foam (horrible choice) and acrylic paint. I would like to make my next one out of wood so that it holds up a little better and would be something I could mount on my wall with out getting damaged. I have also toyed with the idea of making the crude stone sword as well. In order to do any of this however, I need to scale images that i can print out and trace on to the wood I would be using. So my question is... does anyone out there in the community have a to scale, printable image of the bronze TUG sword? and if so, could you send me the image file?


  • InkmechInkmech REGISTERED Posts: 6
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    Sure, here ya go! This is the one we used for our PAX display (we also used foam) can't wait to see it in wood! If you scale up the file uniformly you should be fine at any size.

  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Oh, the sword actually has a biit of a pattern carved into it, cute!
  • josiah-gamingjosiah-gaming REGISTERED Posts: 19 Seed
    thanks Inkmech!
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