Blender exports not in the right order? Here's some help.

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Cutting straight to the chase, if your blender exports don't have pivot's at the top and the _coll's at the bottom, TUG ain't gonna like it. Further more, you can't just open up the .obj with a text editor and cut/paste the objects around. In the Picture below, the stick on the left is an example of what happens if you try to do that.

Instead, I've created a python program to do the job of restructuring your .obj file correctly so that the underlying structure isn't broken.

You'll need to export with the following checks boxes ticked. Of course, "selection only" should be ticked depending on your blender scene.

Download the from dropbox, make sure you have python 3 on your machine and then follow these steps:
  1. open your folder with "" < add your.obj file into the same folder.
  2. copy the address of this folder.
  3. press start < type "cmd" < press enter
  4. type "cd" < hit space bar < right click < paste < hit enter
  5. type "python < your.obj > anyNameYouLike.obj"


Dropbox link.
Git repo link.
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