Oh where, oh where can my hollow oak wood be?

MakeeteaMakeetea REGISTERED Posts: 2 Podling
It may just be because I don't wear my glasses while playing the game, but I've not yet been able to find the hollow oak wood that players can use to make a temporary/permanent home with! To be frank, I found the game through Steam and got the game on there, but even when downloading and launching from my laptop, it seems I can easily find the hollow oak wood around every corner. Perhaps my luck has run low when it comes to playing on my desktop, but seeing the two differences in my computers, I wonder if this is possibly a bug or just because I'm not looking hard enough? I spent several hours searching, yet to no avail! :'(
Don't get me wrong, this is certainly not a diss on the developers, because this has encouraged me to start the process of building my own home with materials I have found and collected, and the details in the game itself really push me to want to continue; however, since I just started the game a day or so ago, I suppose I was looking forward to the hollow logs so I could focus on the search for materials and not so much on the housing just yet.
Sorry for the complaint, I just wanted to know if perhaps there was an update I had not recieved or if I perhaps should redownload the game? Maybe this is an already known thing and there is a solution for it on another forum post, so I suppose it's why I am posing these questions. Thanks in advance for reading this, and I'm truly excited to have spent the money in order to support this wonderful work in progress. :)


  • DapperHamsterDapperHamster REGISTERED Posts: 58 Seed
    Do you mean the hollow logs, that are laying on their side?
    If so, the difference could be that you are in a different biome now on your desktop than you were in on your laptop; I think only the regular forest biome has them, not the piney forest or other biomes.

    Otherwise I have no idea, unfortunately :/
  • CobellCobell REGISTERED Posts: 84
    They are rarish objects, but they do spawn in the biome that players start in the so called "regular" biome.

    They can appear to show up in other biomes that border that standard forest biome.
  • MakeeteaMakeetea REGISTERED Posts: 2 Podling
    Oh, that makes sense! I must have been searching through the wrong biomes. I think I mistook the two forest biomes for about the same thing, but I am happy to know that there is certainly a difference between the two!
    I'll make sure to be on the look for them still and check around the borders, but it's great to know that they are somewhere and that I've just yet to find them on my desktop. Thank you for the help, Cobell and DapperHamster. I appreciate it immensely! :chuffed:
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