Unreasonably Few Items v1.11.1 [Deprecated]

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Unreasonably Few Items

Unreasonably Few Items, or UFI for short, is the premier recipe interface mod for TUG. Now with a search box for easier searching and less scrolling.

Simply press "R" to open the interface.

If you enable Cheat Mode (top right corner), you can shift click on any recipe's result to spawn in the required ingredients, or you can double click on any crafting station, held tool, unconsumed component, etc to spawn it in.

You can also craft a recipe by clicking the "Craft" button next to the recipe in the interface. Conflicting recipes will no longer plague TUG! You don't even need to place anything down, as long as you have the required stuff in your inventory!

Do you want to discover the recipes yourself, but don't want to have to memorize them? Now you can leave Discovery Mode enabled by default! With Discovery Mode only the recipes that you discovered will be revealed to you! (Server installation required for server compatibility)

The format of the recipe display is:
Results|Crafting StationsHeld Tool|Unconsumed Components (if applicable)|Components

Q: Did you chose UFI as the acronym because it is the first three letters of your username?

A: That is also true.

Q: Is the key rebindable?

A: Yes.

Q: I tried using the craft button, but it didn't work.

A: If the interface doesn't close and the crafting bar doesn't appear, then the recipe wasn't satisfied. If you are playing on a server and you don't get a "you need a whatever to craft this" message, then the server doesn't have UFI installed, and the craft by button functionality wont work.

Q: I get a crash or I don't see the interface when I use your mod.

A: Are you using any other mods? If they add recipes that require holding one of their tools, they may be incompatible; see the compatibility section.

Q: What do those tabs on the side do?

A: They move to the right when you mouse over them.

To install, extract UFI into \TUG\Mods\
Then add "Mods/UFI" to \TUG\Config\mods.txt


  • 1.11.1: Fixed item spawning from modular recipes.
  • 1.11: Updated to 0.8.6.
             Added improvements towards version 2.0.
  • 1.10.1: There are not the bugs you're looking for.
  • 1.10: Added discovery mode.
             Made searching really fast
  • 1.9: Added the ability to automatically place items from your inventory when crafting by button.
            Added support for multiplayer.
  • 1.8: Added crafting by button to avoid conflicting recipes.
  • 1.7: Made the key rebindable.
            Fixed a minor UI issue.
  • 1.6: Moved interface to a separate window.
            Added cheat mode for recipe debugging.
  • 1.5: Removed core changes.
  • 1.4: Made the search box search faster.
            Fixed all search box bugs.
  • 1.3: Updated to 0.8.5 InDev.
  • 1.2.1: Fixed some search box bugs.
  • 1.2: Added a search box.
  • 1.1: Added mod support.
  • 1.0: Released for 0.8.4.



  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    Haha you bet NK to showing recipes in-game. I think they were going to go for some kind of recipe book in the future?

    Looking good. :)
    Programmer, designer, artist.
  • UFIOESUFIOES REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 42 Seed
    I thought about adding a recipe book, but you would have to know the recipe for crafting it, which is a non-ideal solution. Although one could provide all players with a recipe book when they spawn, updating it with new recipes when the player acquires new technologies.

    The choice between realism and convenience is still an open question.
  • LostSocksLostSocks REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    Thank you for this awesome mod. So much more convenient than running back to the wiki all the time.
  • UFIOESUFIOES REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 42 Seed
    You are welcome.
  • Youngy798Youngy798 REGISTERED Posts: 905 Seed
    Maybe you could have some kind of recipe book that only shows part of the recipe, so it has like:

    Hammer stone + ______________ + vines = crude hammer

    it makes it slightly easier to make but it also leaves some sense of learning and discovery
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  • UFIOESUFIOES REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 42 Seed
    Would you like a version that tells you what categories of things you need, but not the things themselves?
    Head + Binding + Shaft = Crude Hammer?

    However, for version 2.0, I would like to make it so that it only shows you recipes that you have crafted. And add a way to "research" recipes, so that you could do some kind of in game research to find out what the recipe is without needing to craft it first.
  • LostSocksLostSocks REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    edited August 2015
    Edit: I'm stupid.
    P.S. You're awesome
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