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the game is good, but there is nobody to play ... no dangers .... this game requires servers, like the other games of the same style.
No other players and dangers, loses its appeal.


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    They're working on it. You can set up a server yourself (or get someone else to set up a server and play with them.)
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    We hear ya! That's something that we are working on but it is not something we can just do in a month or so. More preys, predators, critters, and dedicated servers are part of our goal. We may not be there yet but we're working towards it.
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    It would be nice if the TUG game client could remember the servers you have recently visited like having a drop down memory for the ones you play on (like the last 5 or 10 or whatever).

    Also unable to C&P into the server IP, have to manually type it each time I want to switch servers. Aren't those day of typing our server IPs every time you connect loooonnnggg gone ? :p
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    I could add a BearRam spawn to every drop in the game? That sounds threatening, I think I'm going to do that!
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    :chuffed: welcome to hardcore survival mode.
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    Seriously, it's Faroese for Calm Water. - StilleVande
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