got some Question about the PvE before buying this game

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Ahoy da mates.

My english isnt the best, so I will try to keep it short;

- is ther a big focus on the PvE?
- will ther be later still a challange fighting monsters? (Bosses, quests?!)
- will this game have something like blueprints ?

thanks for reading


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    my suggestion would be to read around here for the moment. The game is still in alpha. Things like great PvE and challenges are good goals to aim towards and we're slowly getting there.

    If things don't interest you atm, still keep a look out for future development. I have a feeling things will be heating up in a few months time.
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    Ive played recently Rust and 7 Days To Die, wich are good games (ther are lots of alphas in steam right now hehe), but they got boring after a while. And from my point of view it was because ther were no more goals left except pvp.
    I know Tug is still in alpha, and it might also get boring for me after a while. But in the promotion video of Tug it has been said that they got inspired by games like Zelda. I am not a Zelda Fanboy, but I hope the inspiration of Zelda is more then the look of Link.

    Hope you understand what I am trying to say.
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    I can assure you the inspiration is more than just the looks. There will be gameplay, interface, art, systems, features, etc... that will be reflected in aspects of TUG from all various inspirations. In the end, it will be another game, not just a mash of Zelda art with minecraft interactions.
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    Did some research, and so far I couldt find much info about this topic. Gonna wait then a bit.
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