Meet min requirements but fps is really bad

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I have an older pc I am setting up for my nephew and it meets the min requirements to play the game. The problem is the fps is unbearable. I am in a heated debate over whether the ram or the gpu is the bigger performance buster.

We are currently running a 6450 1 g graphics card. The Ram is sad @ 4 g of ddr2 667 mhz. The quad core is decent at 2.8 ghz but the bus is slow as well.

What I am hoping is for someone with more hardware smarts than I possess to identify the biggest bottle neck in this scenario so I can try to make some improvements for him. I have access to a 7970 to see if that improves things but it may not be worth the effort with that mobo / cpu combo. Anyone?


  • GhostGhost REGISTERED Posts: 74
    The system you specify is below our suggested minimum system requirements. TUG does require a fairly powerful system to run smoothly.

    A few things you might try to gain better performance is to turn off billboard rendering. To do this, go to the Options menu, and select "Video" on the right. You will see a billboard frequency slider. This controls the grass levels in the game. Turning it off might give you a performance boost and help you play more smoothly, but it will also make the terrain look a little bland :)

    Also in the video options you can look at disabling shadows.
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