Possible to migrate my account to Steam?

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When I bought TUG on Humble Bundle, it had presumably not yet come out on Steam. I see now that it is on Steam; am I able to migrate my copy so it lives with the rest of the majority of my gaming library?


  • heartup4heartup4 REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    I do not believe that you can do so currently, and steam also has the ability to install the dev build and get early access to new features. However, the launcher shows greater promise when it comes to both look and functionality. The latest update notes say that there will be improvements made to the native launcher soon (Might need to double check but I am 99% sure it's on the current agenda somewhere) so hopeful me and you will turn out to be the lucky one's.
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    Is there any way to purchase this without Steam? I bought mine through the Kickstarter campaign and would like to get a copy for my nephew to play with me. He is young and we don't want to set him up on Steam.
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    @Kiarrasw If you get it through the Humble store here it will give you a choice of either a Steam key or a Stand-alone one. You don't need Steam for the Stand-alone one, only a Nerdkingdom account, just like your Kickstarter one.

    @jenksy it's not possible to migrate it to a Steam version, but Steam does allow you to add non-Steam games which are installed on your system, to your Steam library list. You can do this by clicking the "+ Add A Game" menu in the bottom left of your Steam client and selecting the "Add A Non-Steam Game" option.
  • KiarraswKiarrasw REGISTERED Posts: 61 Seed
    Woot! Thanks for the info on Steam - I had no idea you could add non-steam games tot he library. Nice to know. :)
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