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hello im a beginner game designer and i hoped that someone has som tips to make a game like TUG


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    Because you haven't asked any questions I'm going to assume a couple of things and say the following:

    Start small.
    There's an art to putting in enough interesting things so much as to entice the player to explore further and in more detail; or even just to keep playing. procedurally generating this is an even harder step again so don't try to tackle that problem without first having some knowledge of what you're getting into.
    I suggest starting with 2 dimensions. If for nothing else it will make the maths doable.

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    yes with are the best sofwares to begin design in. im using unity is that a good one?
  • TheDragonTheDragon REGISTERED Posts: 4 Podling
    and in 2D which program is the best for painting/drawing
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    TheDragon said:

    yes with are the best sofwares to begin design in. im using unity is that a good one?

    Planning is very important. Once you know exactly what it is you want to create, and have all the technical aspects of it down on paper, you can start doing research and find all of the tools best suited for accomplishing those goals. There's nothing worse than rushing into something, putting a lot of time and effort into it, and then finding out you have to re-do a lot of the work because what you were using isn't going to get you the results you want. It's why we ended up going with building our own engine. There are plenty of great pre-built environments out there though. Unity definitely being one of them, but always make sure to do enough research to find out whether the tools you're looking at will allow you to create exactly what you want in the long run. :)
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    Unity is definitely a good tool to learn in. There are lots of tutorials for it and a huge market for content to add on. You mentioned that you wanted to do 2D and Unity has the ease of adjusting your camera for this so you can either create the game using 3D or 2D assets and adjust the camera to still develop your game in whatever style you like.

    Shadee is right on the planning though. For a complete game you'll want to lay out your design on paper and get all of your design in a medium that allows for changes without losing a lot of time or content. I would also suggest that you learn a little about the tools you want to build your game with as well before you plan. Knowing what tools you'll be working with will help you to plan out your design and to know where you will need more help to accomplish your goals.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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  • TheDragonTheDragon REGISTERED Posts: 4 Podling
    thx for the tips i think it wil help alot
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